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Musical Voltage Machine


Here are some track ideas made with my Intellijel modules. I often run the Yamaha EX5 into the ext input of the minibrute2s then that through the warp of the Rubicon 2 or as a vector on Planar 2. Everything has some heavy use of the rainmaker with LFO triggered Quadra messing with CV. Drums are Ableton sample packs.


Rubicon 2 with Minibrute 2S warp in with some video clips from YouTube fed to the Rainmaker modulated by Quadra EOC triggered envelopes for some strange sounds. Ableton Wavetable synth and simpler with sampled drums. QuadVCA, Planar 2, Morgasmatron, Jellysquasher and Shifty in the mix as well.


I really enjoyed this one. Great sounds.

Drums are a bit high in the mix though IMO.


I wasn’t using the Quadra+exp much so I decided to mess with this weird quadrature mode. I used the other 3+4 in quadrature mode to modulate the attack and release, applied the modulation to the FM1 on Morgasmatron or Warp X on Rubicon 2 or the CV on Planar 2 or Comb size on the Rainmaker. I find my favorite use for the Planar 2 is mixing A Tri-State, B Warp, C Minibrute 2S, D Rubicon Sub 1. You can get just the right sound. 8 Bar clips recorded and arranged in Ableton Live 10


That mixed bass sounds fat!


Grimy bass made with Quadra in Quadrature mode driving Morgasmatron modulating the Rubicon 2 that also has Quadra envelopes with the Planar 2 morphing the waves. Plenty of Rainmaker, Jellysquasher on everything.

All sounds Intellijel / MB2S + Sequencer with only drums in Ableton

Reminds me of NES Zelda dungeon music.


Busted out the ol’ Yamaha EX5 sounds and ran 'em through the Rainmaker / Jellysquasher to freshen them up.
Drums from Ableton Live
Quadra+Exp in quadrature mode triggered by Shifty timed by LFO (Env 1 - Env 3 alternating) Manipulating as many inputs as possible on Rubicon 2 / Minibrute 2S. Planar 2 sweeps through the various wave types from Rubicon 2

Planar 2 with waves input from Rubicon 2 though the Sine was first into the uFold and the X axis controlling Folds. Minibrute 2S into Warp Input with FM being controlled with ADSR. Arpeggios from Minibrute 2S Sequencer
Drums Ableton Live


Rainmaker on everything except the drums. Sounds from Rubicon2, MB2S, EX5. Compound modulation from LFO trig Quadra (Quadrature) modulating the other AD into FM1 on Morgasmatron, Rainmaker Comb/Mod.


Nice tracks, they remind me of a lot of industrial electronic music I used to listen to.


Quadra in quadrature mode, A D set to minimum so you get a buzz, then modulate the attack on the expander with a slow rising sawtooth LFO in time with tempo. Modulate FM1 on Morgasmatron, Grab the OR out for the Q and turn it up just until it resonates (needed to use an attenuator). I pretty much use Quadra + Expander for everything I do now. Usual Rubicon 2 patch into Planar quadrants, X in from Yamaha EX5 or MB2S. CV XY From Quadra so it whips around super fast. Drums used the Max4Live Step Divider MIDI effect, which was glitchy to use, this sounds slightly different from the master track for some reason.