µMIDI Jacks 1U Discontinued?

Hello! I am using a custom-made case, but absolutely love the Intellijel 1U modules. The MIDI 1U module + µMIDI Jacks 1U seems like the perfect combo for MIDI input. I went ahead and acquired the MIDI 1U module, however, I can’t, for the life of me, track down the µMIDI Jacks 1U!

In an email with my Sweetwater rep today, I asked him to check on it. He replied that, apparently, the µMIDI Jacks 1U module is discontinued! :open_mouth:

Say it ain’t so!!! If this is the case, is there a replacement in the works? How else would I be able to use the MIDI 1U module??


I don’t think there’s going to be a replacement in the immediate future because for the past few years all our cases have had MIDI jacks integrated, and the new MIDI 1U module just connects directly to those.

Your best options are probably to either find a used MIDI jacks module somewhere, or else, since you are making your own custom case, just wire a MIDI and/or USB jack directly to the µMIDI 1U. The pinout is available here: 7u case midi ports reusable? - #2 by kamil

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Would you not be able to use the XY I/O and some jumper cables to have midi in/out on trs Jacks, then use midi to TRS cables?

Yes that would also work

This is unfortunate news, but the solution you outlined is super-helpful, thank you!

The pinout looks like it applies to just a din connector. Is there a separate schematic for the USB connector? Is there some type of conduit needed?

It’s also for the USB. The pins D+, D-, VBUS and GND need to be connected.

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Is there any issue with wiring a USB cable directly to the header, effectively turning the MIDI 1U into a MIDI interface for a computer?


VBUS pin - +5V VCC wire
D+ pin - D+ wire
D- pin - D- wire
GND pin - GND wire


Can’t say we’ve ever tried this but it should work in theory

Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try. I’m guessing the difficultly will be getting OSX to recognise it as a MIDI device, I’ll report back… I’ve been trying to get hold of a uMIDI Jacks for a while now, without any luck, so it’s worth a try.

Very helpful thread! I’m in this same spot, and just heard much to my disappointment that the midi 1u jacks are discontinued after trying to buy them and getting back orders canceled.

I’m going to try the stuff in this thread as it seems it is my only option, but I would also like to ask Intellijel to reconsider either continuing to make the midi jacks 1u or developing a replacement. I have a 7u and a pallette and they are great cases for sure, but I’d like to use the same excellent 1u midi modules and cv expanders in my other, larger cases.

I can solder and probably throw this together, but I would rather spend my modular time patching, not building a part.

Please consider the many people who love your products and have cases with a 1u row that are not made by Intellijel. I invested in your 1u format in every case I own. Please give me and others like me an opportunity to use all the cool 1u stuff you make in our other cases too!


+1 to every aspect of this sentiment.

I’ve added an intellijel 1u row to 4 different racks/cases I’ve put together, plus I have one of the old intellijel 4u cases, and I’ve got both versions of the 1u midi modules but only 1 of the midi jacks modules. Hope you guys consider another run of them at some point.

Just came to add another +1 on a desire for this module. I have a 1u row built in to my desk for utilities and I want to add my 1u midi modules!

Yep ditto. For now I guess i’ll try my hand at wiring a generic DIN port to my Midi 1U - from a person who has about 3% certainty in what he’s doing.

Would something like this work? And what cables would I use to do this? Please help, my case is under construction and if like to know if it makes sense to have these DINs mounted on the enclosure! Thanks!

5-Pin DIN Socket

Saw these on the restock list at Analogue Haven and it reminded me of this thread - Expert Sleepers makes two “MIDI breakout” passive modules that could be helpful for this application:

Hey, well I already have some general 5-Pin DIN jacks. Is there any difference with the expert sleeper ones - also are the pins on the ES units matched to the MIDI 1U or would I need to customise the ribbon cable?

Sorry if this is daft, but im just trying to learn!

I suspect you’d be using individual jumper wires in either case, the ES unit is mostly helpful if you don’t want to hassle with the mechanical details of mounting the DIN connector to a panel.

Aah okay, I will be mounting the DIN connectors to the case - already got em, and wanted them case mounted to save HP, and have less wires adding to the spaghetti.

Ordered some 24awg wire, and single jumper connectors. Connector side to MIDI 1U, and wire end to DIN connector. My first electronics DIY!

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I encourage Intellijel to continue selling the MIDI Jacks 1U, or at least offer some sort of DIY kit for getting the MIDI 1U module working with non-Intellijel cases. The MIDI 1U module system is great, Intellijel cases are great, but sometimes a customer will want to use the MIDI 1U module system in a non-Intellijel case, and this would be the best way to support them. Consumers generally dislike having products lock them into a specific manufacturer’s ecosystem.

Yep, agreed. I’m fine in my performance case, but unless Intellijel has plans on making some monster cases, unfortunately that will mostly be done DIY or third party. And a LOT of users will be following that route. So would be great if Intellijel would at least release some official instructions like you mentioned on how to hook up the MIDI 1U to standard DIN sockets/USB etc. Clear enough for newbs like me to get it done :smiley: