MIDI 1U (Rev001) v1.2.1 / Config App 1.2.1

Pretty small update for some users who have experience connection issues with MIDI 1U (Rev001) and the Config App.

Update Notes:

  • Improves connection reliability over USB MIDI with Intellijel Config App.
  • IntellijelConfig.App v1.2.1 required.

Windows and Mac downloads available at Support - intellijel

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That’s great! I always have to reconnect a couple of times because of a timeout error. I will try it out later today.

Sorry to report that I’m still having problem connecting to my MIDI 1U. Once the connection is established it’s working good (there doesn’t seem to time out like before) but I have to repeat the connection procedure (refresh devices, connect) like 3 or more time until the connection is established. I’m on Mac.

Latency is noticeably higher after updating rev. 1 (controlling note from Live on an M1 mac). Around 80 ms, as opposed to 10ish before.

There should be no difference from 1.2.0 in latency, very little code was changed, just a few updated to the connection handling, primarily with the config app. How are you measuring? We can test here to see if we are seeing the same.

Maintaining the connection was the priority. We’ve had mixed results with Hubs as well, some have worked fine, some have made the connection more intermittent. We’ll run some more tests here soon, see if we can improve it more.


I can confirm that once the connection is made it’s very stable. I can work on a configuration without any time out.

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Just measuring by outputting midi notes from Ableton and recording audio back in with the same settings I had previously. It’s around 70 ms higher than before.

Were you on 1.2.0 before? or an older version? (thanks for answering all my questions :slight_smile: )

Thanks for helping. Yes, 1.2.0 previously. I did accidentally use the rev 2 update first, though, then successfully updated to rev 1 (thought I had a newer unit). Is it possible that could cause the issue?

Also, DIN MIDI feels fine via a Keystep directly into the 7u case. I do have a long (15’) USB cable, from my powered hub, but the latency wasn’t there prior to updating. Maybe I’ll try a shorter run.

I’m using a custom case with no usb connections. I’ve been running midi to and from the midi 1u via an x/y modules. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware without a usb connection? I know I can connect via midi for the config app, but wasn’t sure if it works the same for firmware updates.

You will need to be connected over USB to update the firmware, it does not happen via MIDI.

would the new usb extender work in this scenario? I don’t see a usb port on the back of the Midi 1u module, just the header, so I’m not sure how to make the connection. the 1u USB jacks module also seems to be discontinued. Are there any other options?

Mmm. I don’t believe they have been discontinued, but they have never been big sellers, many users have our cases, which have the midi boards built in.

Could check Wigglehunt for stock

MIDI 1U does not have a standard USB connector on the bottom but the USB pins are in the 10-pin MIDI header.

Pinout here (custom solutions are obviously not supported officially, attempt connection at your own risk):

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After the firmware, I can no longer even get the configurator to detect the module through usb.