MIDI 1U only 4 notes?

Just got the MIDI 1U and noticed if I send it a rolled chord (like an arpeggio where you keep all the notes pressed) it only outputs the first four notes and ignores anything after until all notes are off. Is this normal? Is there some setting I missed?

I’m trying to use the chord strum feature from a KeyStep 37 and it will only play the first four notes.

That’s the current limit in the mono voice allocator. We can increase it though, I didn’t think it would be common for people using a monosynth to play more than 4 notes at once so that’s how I picked it (I am admittedly not a keyboardist…)

The way the KeyStep 37 works, when you press a key it can strum up to a 16 note chord, so if it can be increased to 16 that would be amazing!

Ok I’ll see about that

Heads up!

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