Midi 1u and portamento

Is there a way to use portamento in this module? i have tried everything (sending ccs to single mode and dual mode) and nothing worked, it would be really sad if a high resolution midi interface couldn’t do this. I hope i’m doing something wrong. (high resolution outputs work really well so i imagine it is possible to do it with an update)

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Currently it’s not supported, the MIDI code was a rewrite from the uMIDI in order to support the drum and polyphonic modes and the portamento feature was not implemented. It’s on the list for a future update though.

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I’m happy to listen it, do you think it will take a long time? (honestly i was sure it had it because i had seen the umidi video)
Thank you for the support!

Currently working on some other projects but hopefully will be able to get to it after that. Sorry but I can’t provide a timeline at this point.

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Thank you!!

I hope this will happen soon.

Came here to request this as well. A slew limiter can kind of get the job done, but it would be very convenient to have it built in. Glad to hear this is getting worked on!


i didn’t send back this module to the shop because of this answer… (i didn’t use it one time, i hope to don’t have to sell it to just loose money)