MIDI 1U + IntellijelConfig App 1.2

MIDI 1U 1.2
Some handy updates to MIDI 1U —

  • New “Gate (Any)” Output Type option for paraphony on Mono Synths.
  • Added Portamento support for Mono Synths.
  • Added arbitrary clock divisions for Custom Outputs.
  • Increased clock divider range for Custom Outputs.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Firmware Downloads (same for all modules)
Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_Windows_2021-12-03.zip
Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Firmware_Updater_macOS_2021-12-03.zip

IntellijelConfig App 1.2 (Download fixed)
Only updated to support new MIDI 1U 1.2 firmware —

Win: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Config_Windows_1.2.zip
Mac: https://intellijel.com/downloads/firmware/Intellijel_Config_macOS_1.2.zip

Hardware Update
Due to supply constraints we had to make some hardware/PCB revisions so some of our products in order to keep manufacturing. Unfortunately for some that means a separate firmware file for each hardware revision. There is no functional differences between these 2 versions, they are built from the same source code.

This image shows the differences, it’s also included in the updater instructions.

I believe we only just started shipping rev002 MIDI 1U in October 2021, so if you purchased before October, you would have a rev001 unit.

Please take care to attach the POWER and MIDI (labelled PALETTE) headers to the correct ribbon cables if you need to check your revision. Swapping them will damage the module.


Hey @slowwild. I just posted in the portamento thread. The new config app won’t open for me.

Fixed the download.

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It works! Thanks for the fast response

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Thanks for the update!

I would like to ask, if set the gate output to a separete Synth set to monophonic, but on same MIDI channel as same polyphonic Synth, What is the difference between this and Gate(Any).

For example, Synth 3 is set to polyphonic and sends chord CV, Synth 4 is set to monophonic and send Gates only, but Synth 3 & 4 are both the same MIDI channel.

Not really much of a difference functionally, it just logically makes a bit more sense.

hi @slowwild it’s doesn’t work for me on mac, both, the midi 1U is ok with jack, but with usb (on palette case ) doesn’t. also, I can made the update firmware with usb, but the config show me the same message that @illiac have !!
I try to update my steppy 1u and it doesn’t work to update!! error… can you help please ;))

Hi David,
make sure you download that file.

Thanks so much, but It still Doesn’t work !!

sorry for the late reply, best to email the details of your issue to support@intellijel.com

lots of us taking part of the week off here so replies on the forum may be spotty

Understand Thanks