Metropolix update request

It would be a game changer if we could get preset-chain-advance via gate Ah La AUX in. Metropolix is already my favorite module, let alone sequencer, but it would be that much better if I could take a gate from a reset signal, random gate, or end-of-sequence gate from other modules or sequencers and use that to que the next preset in a chain.


That would be an amazing feature !!!

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Yeah that would be fun. Similarly, I’ve often fantasized about the ability to temporarily latch onto next pattern. As in; when a gate is high the next pattern plays until the gate is low, reverting back to first pattern. I think that would play nicely in Aux A while Aux B could be gate to chain progress.

Additionally, It would be fun to construct a pattern chain, but have the order of the patterns played randomly. perhaps include probability.

I’d also love to control preset changes externally, but I’d like to be able to use CV rather than a gate. CV to address which preset in current bank and then on a reset, it would switch? Ultimately, it would be great to be able to sync it to other external gear via midi program changes… though program changes usually happen at the top of a measure so I wonder if the change could happen in time…

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cool idea, I will add to the wishlist. The next version is pretty much done (just waiting on… something), so it will not show up in the next one.

Presets Selection/Load via CV might be trickier from a timing sense. We wouldn’t want to do anything that causes hitches or hiccups. I beleive this is already on the wishlist.

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