Metropolix + Tetrapad/Tete: What's your approach?

I recently got my hands on a Tetrapad + Tete. I’ve been using Metropolix pretty heavily for over 6 months, so as I’m learning what Tete can do, I’m very interested in how to use it with Metropolix.

Here are a couple approaches that have occurred to me so far:

  1. Sequence pitches in Tete’s notes mode, and assuming you are sending the base pitch (output 1) to a voice, send it to a buffered mult first. Send a copy of that pitch to one of Metropolix’s X/Y/Z inputs and set it to either pitch pre or pitch post. Than attenuate as needed so everything plays the same base pitch (the manual says these inputs track 1V/oct but I found I needed to attentuate about halfway). I often use a mod lane to control pitch pre/post and make longer sequences. Now I can make much, much longer sequences with Tete. You can sequence a bassline and/or chords on Tete and have Metropolix on melody + counter-melody duty. It’s like a whole band at your fingertips!

  2. Send a mod lane’s value out Metropolix’s A or B output. Use this as the bank CV for Tete in voltages mode. If you like chaining Metropolix presets, you might consider sending a constant CV from Metropolix per preset. Tete’s voltages can be a macro control for your whole patch, so you could change timbres, enable/disable FX, etc, when changing Metropolix presets in order to create more contrast between sections and do interesting transitions. Also seems like it could be fun to send separate mod lanes out A and B, and control Tete’s bank X and bank Y CVs respectively.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface so far. Anyone have some techniques they’d like to share?

This is a great idea for a thread. As an owner of all of these modules (and only a recent owner of Metropolix), I’m surprised to realize that I don’t use them together more often, as they seem like a great complement to each other. I’m eager to see what ideas come up here.