Metropolix feature request: Chromatic Pitch Pre aux destination

I want to transpose Metropolix from another sequencer like Scales or Tetrapa+Tete, which will typically also be controlling a bass line via buffered mults. I want my sequence to stay in key, so “Pitch Pre” is the obvious thing to modulate with an aux input. According to the manual, this should track 1V/Oc. It does, but only if you use the chromatic scale.

For a while I was puzzled by this behavior, but I eventually realized “Pitch Pre” acts like the diatonic shift feature on Scales. So let’s say Metropolix is using the C Major scale. Send pitch CV to an aux input set to PItch Pre with the attenuator pot turned all the way up. If you send 0V it doesn’t transpose. Then try sending it a D pitch CV (+2/12V). I want it to transpose my sequence by a whole step, so any Cs are now Ds (because my bassline is playing Ds). Instead it outputs Es. That’s because every 1/12V to “Pitch Pre” transpose by one pitch of your scale diatonically. So if you send it an E, then it transposes Cs to Gs (C to E is 4 semitones, C to G is 4 scale steps).

So if you want this to actually track the aux pitch CV, you must use the chromatic scale. But I want to do this with other scales. I can sort of work around it by turning the aux attenuator pot down, but it’s not perfect since most scales contain uneven intervals.

So I would like for another aux mod destination to be added “Chromatic Pitch Pre” that always tracks 1V/oct regardless of the scale. It should transpose by exactly the aux input voltage, and then round to the nearest scale note. To be consistent with the Scales module, I’d argue this new feature should be called “Pitch Pre” and the mod destination currently named that could be renamed to “Pitch Diatonic”.

This will make combining Metropolix with another sequencer much easier IMHO. Thanks for considering it!