Metropolix midi clock with external gear


Can the Metropolix’s usb midi port receive and/or send midi clock from/to, say, a Digitakt via the latter’s USB connection?


Hi Chico,

sorry for being so late to the game. Too late, I guess, but maybe it helps someone else.

As far as I know, the USB MIDI of the Metropolix is OUT only. So, no MIDI clock in.
From my Analog Rytm, I use one track with an impulse every 16th note, plugged into Metropolix’s clock in. It works really well.

Sending MIDI (including clock) is possible.
But: Metropolix only works as a USB device which is also the case for the Digitakt (I’m pretty sure about that). USB devices need a USB host to connect to. So you would need some kind of a USB MIDI host in between of the two devices.
You can buy one or build it yourself if you like DIYing. I described how I did something like that, here:

Hope that helps.


Thanks so much for helping out. However, in the mean time I figured it out. I am actually getting midi clock from external gear into the Metropolix, so it can in fact receive midi via USB, not just send (using the 1U USB extension/expander module for the Metropolix).
I did need a midi host as you pointed out. Luckily I had a spare one from DoreMidi which did just the trick.
I am syncing it at the moment from my deluge via DIN midi into host into Metropolix. I have also tried syncing from Deluge via the Deluge CV outs into the Metropolix. I find syncing is much tighter via USB-midi.

Cheers and thanks again

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