Metropolix Feature Requests - ADSR, Slider Bottom Note, Scale Redraw


First off, love the Metropolix, just have a few things to bring up that would be super useful for me:

  1. When chaining presets, and are inside the scale window (displaying the current scale and root), redraw the piano scale as the preset changes. Currently, the scale name (like mixolydian etc) and the root refresh every change, but the graphic of the piano with the scales does not.

  2. ADSR for Out A and B that are sync’d to gate. I can use CV mod channels for AD envelopes, and maybe with some creative uses of other mod channels I could get ADSR behavior, but a simple interface for this would be awesome.

  3. We can set the slider bottom note to Root or C, it’d be super useful to have it fully settable (for each semitone) and to have it a destination for mod channels/control knobs/inputs. Particularly with preset chaining. This would allow me to have a chord progression in F, and with each chord, set a different scale, but keep the bottom slider in F if I wanted to.

Note: I sent these first two in an email originally, no knowing of this forum

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