Metropolix and Gx

It’s tied to Total Pulses/Queued Pulses now, that line might be out of date. Page 102 describes it properly. I’ll let the manual guy know.

Gotcha. I generally find the manual incredibly consistent, accurate, and complete otherwise!

Do you know when Perfect Circuit should be getting these? I placed my order on the first day it was available on their site, almost a month ago now, and they still haven’t gotten them in. I haven’t seen them in stock anywhere in the US this whole time. Did these actually already ship out to dealers?

When we say “shipping to dealers”, we mean they are available to dealers for order and ship. It is still up to dealers to order them. Many dealers will place regular larger orders with multiple modules at a time, whatever works best for their business. This sometimes means they won’t have the module day one, especially for smaller accessory modules.

Note: We can’t get into specifics of dealer orders or arrangements for obvious reasons.

Hi Wes,

I just encountered a small glitch when switching presets, which happened in all three queue modes. Here are the settings:

Queue Pulses = 6

Same for both presets, Track 2:
LEN > Stages = 6
Slider Octaves = 2
Scale = Maj7

Switching from Preset 1:
Root = D
Notes: C#0 F#1 A1 D1 A1 F#1

…to Preset 2:
Root = C
Notes: G1 E1 B1 E1 G1 C1

(Above I’m saying 0 = first octave on sliders and 1 = second octave)

The glitch is that when Metropolix switches between presets, it gets the first note of the preset wrong on the first pass, sometimes playing a note one scale degree too high, sometimes one scale degree too low (Preset 1 to Preset 2 was one degree too high, Preset 2 to Preset 1 was, less frequently, one degree too low).

UPDATE: Hooray! I decided to recreate the presets using root C and a chromatic for both and it fixed it! Maybe something iffy with root changes between presets?

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Wish list item: selecting presets using external CV

If preset selection would be possible using an external CV, it would be the perfect melody sequencer, because then I could automate it with my other sequencers - or even chain two Metropolix together

Absolutely absolutely loving my Metropolix!

This one has been requested a couple of times, unfortunately because of the high-res internal timing, low amount of RAM and slow EEPROM access, we can’t load presets rapidly on the fly. The Preset chaining feature uses some clever memory caching to work around these limits, so that it doesn’t upset any timing.

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I wanted to suggest a feature for the sequence offset not being just stages based as is right now and is great but would be even greater if the offset could be set in pulses as well.

Thx !

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Added to the wishlist.

Thanks for all your feature requests everyone! We keep an eye here, but don’t always find the time to reply to everyone.

Working on new stuff, we’re all pretty heads down!


Ahh gotcha, thanks for the response!

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If that’s the case, it could still be really helpful if you give us some way of externally queueing presets externally. Like essentially something that is the same as how you can currently queue a preset manually so that when the current pattern reaches its step count, it goes to whatever got queued.

Would even be cool to be able to use midi program changes via USB!

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Ahhh, I had a feeling…you guys have been a little quiet! :robot:

How is it now yr dream is reality?

Hello Intellijel,

I have a suggestion for a future update. Can you introduce ‘slob’ for pitch and gate?
You see this future more often on modules and synth and it believe this brings a natural feel to the sequence.

Please let me know if it’s an option.


The Netherlands

I believe this is on wishlist and has been requested in the past. Right now you can modulate swing a tiny bit with a random mod lane for a bit of that “humanization” flavour.


Would looove microtuning support on the Metropolix of any kind, feels like it would be so perfect for it! Any one of Scala files, MTS receipt (this seems particularly approachable since there could be very minimal UI), or custom UI for detuning-per-note scales would be AOK be me : )

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This may have been requested before but I would really love the ability to assign the CV inputs to more than one destination! I like using a joystick controller to modulate metropolix and I could make some really crazy macro controls if I could assign the CV inputs to even one additional source :slightly_smiling_face:

Another feature I’d love to have (please tell me if this is possible already!) Is the ability to have a “static” modlane. It would affect all stages simultaneously, but it would not be affected by clock at all. For doing things like flipping the accumulator on a couple stages all the time, or having different glide times on different stages, etc.

an idea for a small update that might be useful for synchronizing another cv addressable sequencer with the metropolix: an A or B mod value representing the current stage, 1-8, that way if metropolix is running with odd pulse counts per stage or running orders it would be possible to have the other sequencer follow along and stay synced for harmonies etc.

I know Wes and Danjel have stated that CV over preset load is not technically possible, but what about CV or trigger to advance a preset chain?
An example would be to have the option to make preset chains have an infinite setting (rather than x1, x2, etc.), and then wait for a trig to X, Y, or Z to advance after the next TOTAL PULSES or preset length is reached.

This would allow for preset chains to work well with improvisational changes in a performance.