Metropolix and Gx

Pre-order placed!
Super excited by this It’s been a long time coming.

Glad you guys stuck to keeping the sliders in place and kept it tactile.

Can I ask a question about the two tracks though.
Are you able to create an 8 stage track on track 1 on the pitch and gate sliders and then almost bake or bpm counter lock those into place, before moving onto track 2 and using the same sliders to set new pitches and gates?

From the looks of Loopop’s video, you can only use the sliders for all 8 stages on one track, and then for the 2nd track you have to use the encoder.


The answer to your question is: Kind of. What you can do is create a sequence on track 1 (with track 2 muted) and copy the slider positions to the track PITCH edit menu to override having the sliders set the pitch of track 1. Then you could use the track 1 Setup menu to set a Pulse Count and Gate Type independent of the panel settings, and the track 1 GATE edit menu to set specific gate lengths for each step of the sequence. You could then save this as a preset.

In my opinion, once you get Metropolix it will probably get you out of that DAW-like mentality of “create a static loop, then create something to go on top of it”. In my opinion, a big part of the joy of using Metropolix is the interrelated and complementary melodies you get while jamming with it. Lots of happy accidents from just changing a few simple parameters.


Just wanted to share this little 2 voice Metropolix-focused system I’m jamming on alongside a Model:Cycles for drums and a synth or two :slight_smile:


Excited to hear what you think after jamming on it for a few hours. :slight_smile:

I’m saying this firmly tongue-in-cheek, because I know one of the beauties of eurorack is the breadth of approaches, but I do kind of think if you’re doing eurorack without a Metropolix, you’re doing it wrong. I absolutely adore this thing, and the intertwined tracks are a big part of that. Hats off to the team. Have a great long weekend! Any Intellijel staff want a beer in the Mt. Pleasant area, it’s my treat.


After reading the manual front to back and several months of using Metropolix regularly, I still think I’m coming to terms with using it in the way it was intended to be used, i.e. more as a module that can sequence two codependent voices in a somewhat generative (unpredictable) way. Surely I don’t need to use it this way, nor should I feel I need to use it this way, but I’m open to breaking out of the way I currently use it, which is much more linear and with the idea of two independent voices in mind.

That said, I still absolutely adore Metropolix for simpler “linear” use, for its hands-on feel, compactness, power, aesthetic, and above all, fun factor. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Any word on when we’ll be seeing Metropolix come back in stock?


Thanks, just got my shipping confirmation an hour ago! My forum post must’ve summoned them, you guys can thank me later


Hello everyone. Something I have thought about numerous times that must already exist somewhere in the more general world of synthesis and modular: Is it common for sequencers to have a play order feature that is random, but will never play the same step/note twice in a row? Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this with Metropolix? Thanks!

That’s basically what Shuffle does, but it also depends on the length settings or if you send a reset.

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Ok, I just reread that part of the manual, thanks. Any ideas on how to stop Shuffle from repeating a pattern of x pulses i.e. looping so it functions more like Random without stage repeats?

My understanding is you could either set the length to how long you want the pattern to be before it loops, or send a gate to the reset input

Trying to think…if I didn’t care about resetting both tracks, I would just sent a gate every x pulses to reset, but then I’m assuming that would reset both tracks. Is there any way to do it only with one track? If not, I’d say Shuffle ultimately can’t do what I want it to, which is basically function like Random Play Order on one track without repeats.

EDIT: I believe mod lanes can reset only one specific track…?!

Mod lanes can be assigned to reset either or both tracks.

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Now realizing that the “workaround” for using Shuffle and triggering a reset every x pulses doesn’t work in the particular case I’m in right now. My Track 2 clock division is being modded by a mod lane, and the mod lane’s Play Order is Random also, so there’s no way to create resets on a new mod lane that match up perfectly with the changes in the clock division, which is necessary because the time I need to reset the Shuffle changes.

A few times now I have wished that there was an option to do Random Play Order but without repeats being possible…guess I’m making a feature request now–I’ve been vocal here but I actually think this is my first feature request! :laughing:

One other question: I keep noticing the word “Global” for control knob, mod lane, and aux assignments before I choose a parameter, then the word Global doesn’t return until I go back to “None”…? (Once I select something, it changes to “Mod 1 > Trk 2” etc.) Why is that word there before I choose a parameter?

Shuffle as it’s setup is easy, It makes a shuffled reference to the 8 stages, then reshuffles when the track resets. Let’s call it “Unique Random” is a bit trickier, since you can skip steps and modulate the skips, the number of stages, the stages offset. We would need to determine some sort of logic for when “all stages are played” it’s not super clear. I can add too the wish list, but it would need some thought, many things at play.

The CTRL Assign parameter doesn’t update until you confirm your Param selection. Currently “None” and “BPM” are global parameters, meaning they affect the whole module and do not allow you to select which track. The Global label was added when the BPM option was added. Previously the Assign option had no effect when “None” was selected.

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. Before @ScottMFR brought up Shuffle, I was basically talking about Random that doesn’t repeat the same stage twice in a row. So for a four-stage sequence, if it’s playing stage 2, the next stage must be 1, 3, or 4, it can’t be 2 again. “Random without repeats”, I guess. It seems this would be highly applicable for slower generative stuff; if you’ve had stage 2 playing for a minute or two, you probably don’t want stage 2 playing again at the next pulse, you want something different playing.

Back to my original question, is this idea of random without repeats a common play order setting in modular? I really have no idea, seems like it would be useful, I know it would be for me.

This makes perfect sense now, thank you!

Gotcha, I read “Without Repeats” as play through all the stages before repeating any of them.