Metropolix and Gx

For what it’s worth, for me, pitch pre/post was a little wonky. Just using the pitch offset (for transpositions, sending a root note cv from the Sinfonion) right now which seems to track just fine.

Hmm… yes, Pitch Offset does seem to track just fine so maybe the calibration is actually not the issue.

It’d be nice to disable RESET from restarting accumulated transpositions, as I often use RESET pretty aggressively to fit a pattern into a specific window (say, one pattern for one bar of music) and I still might want that “accumulation” pattern. As far as I can tell, this isn’t possible (page 85)

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Thank you! I printed my manual and made the change! I have been reading through it and was currently on page 70 actually. :smile:

Regarding the lights affecting the pitch, I experienced this. I had the brightness for the buttons set to 5 (the default) and while a sequence is running, if I engage the lights on the stage buttons (for a shortcut, for example), the pitch wavers a little. It does it less at level 4 and it’s unnoticeable at level 3, like @Qdox said.

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Hey Y’all,

Here’s a quick beta to address some of the stuff here.

Most noticeable changes is that we adjusted graphics and LEDs for more consistent brightness levels and overall reduction in current draw; this minimizes any affect the LEDs and OLED would have on the DAC.

Thanks so much for all your feedback! Rest assured that your other suggestions and requests have been noted! RC2)

  • When muting, muted tracks/lanes now blink red when muted; thanks Loopop!
  • Overall darker GUI; less drastic contrast changes in a dark environment.
  • When auditing stages from the Loopy screen, the LEDs are now blue instead of white.
  • Decreased max brightness of UI LEDs.
  • Fix for missed gates when set to very short length at faster BPM; the shortest effective gate is 0.333ms).
  • Slightly longer hold (1 second) required to save a shortcut.
  • Minor bug fixes.



will updating the firmware erase our saved presets? is there a way to back them up?

Nothing will be erased with this update

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Will look into this one

cool… another case for this is if you wanted to set something like Pulse Div per stage, if you could do this with a mod lane that was sync’d up to a track that way.

There are a number of typos in the manual around the shortcut buttons. I too was foolishly pressing the wrong button for ages until I realised :wink:

Minor manual update coming soon for the beta (before we redo the graphics)

Any chance a change log exists for the manual for people like me who printed it?

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I also printed it so yeah, change logs would be super nice, and is also general good practice I think!

Is micro-timing a possible feature update for future firmware releases? It seems like this could fit with the work flow, maybe an option under Edit->Gate and use the encoder to move the gate output of that stage a little bit ahead or behind? Like in a way, applying a per-stage swing?

No idea if this would be feasible given the code, though. Thanks!

I’m guessing the main change was in the Stages section where they had EDIT written by accident instead of ALT for all those shortcuts, so I already fixed those.

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Looks like you guys did a great job of eliminating the pitch change - button luminosity problem! It looks like at the new max illumination level of 4 the luminosity of the buttons has no effect on the pitch. :high_brightness:


Is mostly fixed for the typos about the EDIT and ALT Button; we switched some operations part way through development and the manual needed to catch up :). Also new ranged for LED brightness from 1-4 instead of 1-5. the changelog for the release contains any other info like Mute LEDs or Audit LED colours.

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