Metropolix 1.4.3 — Mute Fixes

Another small update with some fixes for bugs sent in by the community here, thanks for taking the time to report!

  • Fixed internal mixing of Mute and Track Swap destinations on Aux and Mod Lanes, they are now OR’d properly.
  • Fixed stuck MIDI notes when using Track Mutes.


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Do I have to update to 1.4.2 separately first? Or will doing this update also address the previous fixes?


You only need the latest, the latest releases include the previous fixes.

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Feature Request:

Ability to randomize a given page or mod-lane (ALT + X) via gate/ CV input.

allowing this already-incredible manual button combo the ability to be voltage controlled would be killer.

Is there a dedicated feature request thread? if so, I can re-post my request on the proper page. Metropolix4Ever!

Oooh, that’s a great idea. +1

This is probably a better place to leave feature requests and discuss Metropolix:
but I think someone at Intellijel will see it either way.

Feature Request:

Hi, I like the new Transport modes in 1.4 for the GX Metropolis expander, but I’d really like total control over the outputs.

How about a setting where I can create custom Transport modes? So I can choose whatever divider, multiplier, triggers, etc on each GX output I like. In this sense it’s like a mini Pam’s New Workout, driven by the main Metropolix clock.