Metropolix — The Accumulator Update

Check out the video for the Highlights—

Here’s the details of this huge update—

  • New Accumulator Features and Updates!
    • Accum Mode: Stage (Original/Default) | Track.
    • Accum Reset: Manual (Default) | Auto (Original).
    • Accum Order: Wrap (Original/Default) | Pendulum | Random | Hold.
    • Accum Polarity: Unipolar (Default) | Bipolar (Original).
    • Default Accumulator Limits updated to ±7.
    • New Aux/Mod/Ctrl destinations for Accum Mode.
    • New Aux/Mod destinations for Accum Direction and Accum Polarity.
    • Upgraded the "Accumulator" Ctrl to a tri-state control called "Accum Dir" allowing you to change direction or freeze the Accumulator with a single knob.
    • Upgraded the "Accum Invert" Ctrl to a tri-state control called "Accum Polar" allowing you to change polarity and invert the Accumulator Order with a single knob.
    • Change Upper/Lower Limit labels to Positive/Negative Limit.
  • Better labeling for Toggle and Tri-state control assignments.
  • Updated menus with new visual features: Disabled items, Dividers.
  • 14 Chords added to the Scales list.
  • New Global setting for Clock Mode: Running (Original/Default) | Always.
  • New Global setting for Run Btn: Run/Pause (Original/Default) | Run/Stop.
  • When EDIT is active the selected stage item will blink, both in Track and Mod mode.
  • Press Reset when Metropolix is NOT running to drop the gates low on Tracks 1 and 2.
  • Pitch offset modulation is now still added when a track is muted; but it will still ignore updates to the pitch offset modulation when the track is muted.
  • Fixed Mod Lane resets on Queued Preset Loads.
  • Fixed crashing bug when RUN goes LOW before a queued preset loads. (Thanks Aaron!)
  • Fixed Pulse Count modulation. (Thanks Rich!)
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Updated manual available at




Thank you :pray:


Thank you, this looks like a live performance powerhouse!

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Sounds awesome.A manual reset on the accumulator is gonna be great!

Question: will our saved presets survive this firmware update?

Yes, we’ve got a preset versioning system so they should carry over


Holy shit… They really did think of everything on this one.


We still have a few things in the pipe. :wink:


Take your time, seriously. Let the public catch up.


This is fantastic! Is it possible to set accumulator limits per stage for the mod lanes? For instance on stage one, limit could be 8up/0down but on stage 4 I’d like to limit it to 3up/2 down.

No the limits are per-track settings. This plays better with the addition of the new Track based accumulator mode, keeps things a little less complicated, and easier to keep track of.

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That didn’t work for me. All presets gone after the update unfortunately.

Question 1: is there a way to get them back? (Assuming the answer is no, but I still have to ask as there were a couple good ones I had saved)

Question 2: is there a way to backup presets to avoid this next time updating?

Other than that, awesome update!

Let me look into it, it could be something small like detecting which preset can be loaded.

  1. Probably, just don’t save over the slots.
  2. Not yet

Thanks, that’d be great!

PM’d you, hit me up

just wanted to say thanks! @slowwild sorted this out and all the presets are back.

Intellijel you rock!

2 Likes is live, and will show your old presets again. They were not lost, just hidden from you, this update will bring them back into view!


Thanks for the heads up @TMOTM!

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Eagled eyed this, very interesting!!. :face_with_monocle:

Great Update! Thank for the excellent video!!


haha good eye :slight_smile: fun lil passive module

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Where are the significant changes in the manual with this update, Wes?

The Accumulator section would have gotten an overhaul, as did the Accumulator itself. Other than that, the rest of the notable updates would probably be covered by the change log above.