Metropolis 24ppqn clock and reset

Good evening!

I’m trying to clock and reset my Eurorack from a TipTop Trigger Riot, running in DAW mode (meaning 24ppqn clock, with a single reset pulse at every start).

This works fine with a Mutable Instruments Grids, but I’m having a problem with my Metropolis (running 1.30 firmware). I am using c_ext, di=6, and rst_F, and what I see is that with a simple bass/snare rhythm on the Grids, the snare usually falls on the 5th stage, but occasionally, after stop/start on the TR, it falls on the fourth (as if the Metropolis reset too late).

So a few questions:

  • am I doing something I should not be doing?
  • can somebody explain where things go wrong, and how they should be fixed?
  • in a related MW thread (, somebody is suggesting to use an external clock divider, rather than the internal one - would that change anything (especially in the way that rst_f setting works)?

I also noticed that the Metropolis is getting rather sluggish in button reaction when feeding it a high speed clock: most of the buttons need to be pressed long or several times before they react (if at all). At some point I even thought it had crashed.

Any thoughts? I’d like to hear them. Thank you for your time!

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