Metropolis 1.36

Could you also upload the hex-file for 1.36 please?

Hi Intellijel team,

The 1.36 link is down with an 404 message.

Just get the official firmware updater, we cleaned up the betas downloads

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Here’s the hex files:

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Thanks, running 1.36 on the metropolis now :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi, I just updated fto 1.36 but I canot get the ratcheting to work? I couldnt see any other reports of this so I assume its somethign I’m doing. I tried copying the 1.30 video : holding a stage button and turning the encoder but it just adjusts whatever value the encoder ws arasdy on. I dont see the screen in the demo video? Please help?

edit : its working now. I dont know why but lets agree user error.

tka for a crackin’ update

it only works when you exit all other menus, so you should push exit before trying to use racheting settings I think…

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I’ve noticed something rather odd with the reset behavior of the Metropolis in 1.36.
Whenever I give the Metropolis a gate signal into the reset with RST_F, it triggers the gate. I have an Atlantis hooked up to the Metropolis and even when the sequencer isn’t running, and I send a gate signal into the reset input, the Atlantis sounds.

This also results in double triggered notes when playing a sequence and sending gate reset signals.
Any suggestions?

Does it make a difference whether it’s with Internal or External Clock?

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Heya fam!
Just leaving a Metropolis functionality suggestion here for any potential firmware updates in 2019/beyond:
Using the encoder to set slider/note value along with prev/next buttons.
For example: Hit “next” button, dial in the note on the encoder, push encoder to “set” and repeat as needed. Could also use similar encoder functionality along with the sliders. Touch which slider you want to change and this allows you to dial it the note value via encoder turning. Push encoder to set.
Metropolis is by far my favorite sequencer of all time though sometimes I find myself wanting to use the encoder to enter note values.
Food for thought!
Keep up the great work!


This is with external clock, since I’m clocking and reseting from an external source. Do you want me to try sending a reset while on internal clock?
I forgot to mention that the Metropolis resets correctly, but also triggers a gate.

By the way, I didn’t get a notification of your reply. That’s why I’m replying 5 days later.

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Hi Peeps :slight_smile:

I purchased a Metropolis back in November 2016 and it still has the same firmware as it was delivered which is 1.14

I appreciate that there are a lot of enhancements with the latest firmware but I am struggling with a method of actually applying it to my unit.

According to the old manual I can either use an updater app along with the Intellijel USB ISP dongle or I can purchased a new firmware chip.

I am struggling to find either to be honest.

Could anyone please advise on what my options are?



Hi Andy,

You should be able to do the firmware update with any Arduino programmer. The Nano is very similar to our USB ISP so I have been recommending it as an alternative and I know some of our customers have successfully used it to update their Metropolis.

You can find it here:

If anyone does NOT want to deal with the firmware update -

I have the USB ISP module now and I flash your Metropolis for FREE, as a service to all you awesome people.

I am a software engineer and well-versed in Eurorack, flashing devices, etc. I am using the official USB-ISP device.


  1. You cover $15 postage (plus postage to send the module)
  2. If your module gets bricked (remote but always real possibility), I am not liable or responsible for the module.

I am in Bay Area, CA. PM me if you are interested.

You can always contact support and send it in for updating, You would only pay shipping one way. It may be delayed if coming from outside of Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I expect that Metropolis has a fork in it, w/r/t future firmware updates, but if you do ever decide to expand the functionality of this great sequencer, I would like to request that the following features be considered for inclusion:

– When you load a sequence preset (using the LOAD + SLIDE/SKIP # shortcut) while the sequencer is running, you have the option to have the sequencer start playing the new sequence after the current cycle (i.e., the set number of stages if fixed) is completed, instead of mid-cycle, as per current behavior.

– The ability to load (and play, if the sequencer is running) a new sequence preset via CV.

Thank you.

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Hi , when im sending a clock to the metropolis it seems not to sync well from ext gates.

I always have timing issues with this machine

Where are the gates coming from, out of curiosity?

Hi Trevor,

It might be due to the pulse width or length of the gates. Sending a Trig or clock signal will have shorter pulse width which is easier for Metropolis to lock to. Also, once Metropolis reads the ext tempo if you press the BPM a second time to “lock” the tempo you wont have the ramp up effect while it reads the incoming BPM.

If you need technical assistance you can always e-mail