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Manual for noise tools? (Now Available)


The video is nice but it’s also convenient to have a quick reference. Does anyone have a good reference for the Noise Tools 1U?


The functions are quite explicit but it would be nice to have an idea of the frequency range of the clock generator and the range for the slew limiter too (which always seems pretty fast to me).


A manual or quick reference guide would be great for the Noise Tools. The video is very helpful, but a document is also nice! Thanks


There’s now a Noise Tools Manual:


Is it normal that pulse normalization to trig is interrupted as i connect pulse out to another module (i.e. Intellijel Quadra)?
I’ve noticed that s&h “follows” pulse if i don’t connect pulse out to any module except for 1u buffered mult, instead if i connect pulse out to a clock divider or an envelope generator s&h detect both pulse on/off and so it’s like s&h “double” actual pulse timing.
Does it make sense to anyone?



I see the same behaviour on my module, I’ll pass this up the chain.


Yeah, I confirmed this on my two demo units too.


Just found out that this strange behaviour doesn’t happen with make noise maths, but i have to admit that this module have buffered outputs…i don’t know really anything about electronics but this things fascinates me!