Joining 4U case to a 7U case

Is it possible at all to join the 4U 84HP case to a 7U 84HP case?

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We don’t make anything that allows you to join them

I’d like this as well.

For the 4U case to sit on top of the 7U? I don’t really see any advantage in connecting them if the 4U is on the bottom

Yes, Kamil. Exactly.
My live setup is a 7U and a 4U. I’d love to attach the 4U on top of the 7, just as you can join two 7U together.

It seems it could be done w/ a slightly offset joiner, and some brackets that attach to the 4U using the existing holes that affix the sides to the extruded case chassis.

I understand though that this would require a redesign of the joiners and designing the 4U brackets.
Not sure how many would implement this feature, as opposed to joining two 7U.

Whether enough people would be interested in doing this to design the parts is the question, of course.
For me it’s a no-brainer since I already own both the 7 and 4 cases and realistically don’t see me getting another 7U to replace the 4U. I’d be more likely to add that other 3U via a skiff sitting in front of the 7U should I want to use more modules in a live set than the 7 and 4U.

I would suggest that’s something people can try as DIY first. I think it could be done with some combination of something that fits into the grooves on the outside of the 4U case and some machined part that will slide into the sides of the 7U. We have a lot of other things on the go and resources are always scarce, so unless there’s a high demand it’s hard to do

I agree and I have no doubt this would/should not be considered a worthwhile use of your time, unless there was some very evident rabid demand, which I can’t really see happening TBH.

Not even sure it’s worth my time to DIY, it would just be cool to have :slight_smile:

I am interested in something similar. I have two 84 hp cases I will use together with the upcoming 7u 104 hp one.

+1 on this request. I am outgrowing my 7u 104hp case, and considering options for expansion. My preference would be to add 4u on top.


I want to do exactly the same thing. +1 majorly


I’d like to be able to bolt another smaller case on to my 7u 104 case. I assumed all the 104 cases bolted together.

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I’d love this as well, not sure if anyone is willing to design/has access to some sort of 3D printing or machining equipment.

i would also love to mount these two together.

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I would like to attach a couple of cases as well. 104hps in my case, and I actually think it would be helpful to attach to the bottom. I use a mixer stand to hold my main 104hp and it would be great to have a 3 or 4U attached to the bottom, ideally at an adjustable angle, in order to connect a case of controllers (Tetrapad, Planar, etc. ) when necessary.

An artist named Galcid has a 4U mounted on a 7U. It’s hard to see how it’s done in any of the posts on her instagram, but maybe if you send her a message she can help:

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I made a shelf for my 4U to connect better with my 7U.

It’s actually made out of the strap that came with the 7U case.
I removed the strap and connected the connecting brackets to a piece of wood and bolted it in with lock washers.
It comes off, and stows nicely, and reconnects when I get where I’m going.

The only thing it doesn’t do is brace, or support the 4U when it’s standing up (in the way I usually want it) so I’ve either forced myself to be quite gentle with it, or just set the 4U down properly and leaned forward a bit to get to it.

Works like a charm.


Looking at this recent picture from Galcid’s live setup, I’d say it looks like she’s done some serious surgery to join the two cases together :slight_smile:



Ha, i just saw that this morning. It think you are correct, sir.
This may have involved some sort of laser :smile:

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LASER!!! What could possibly go wrong… :smiley:

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@kamil, I’ve noticed that the 4u case is slightly narrower than the 7u case. I’m wondering if the 4u case would fit between the 7u joiners, with some holes drilled into the sides of the 4u case and the joiners to attach it. Would that work?