Joining 4U case to a 7U case

Maybe, can’t say we’ve ever tried that :slight_smile:

I was hoping someone who had access to both cases and the joiners, like an employee (wink wink), could give this a try before I spend $50 for the joiners… I just need to know if the 4u case fits between the joiners. I would be a very grateful customer.

Right right :slight_smile: Ok I just tried this in the warehouse out back, it seems that if you push the joiners apart slightly you can squeeze the 4U case in there. So I suppose you could create some kind of fastening system by drilling holes in the side. This would of course void any warranty :wink:

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Perfect, thanks! I’ll post pics when I’m done.


Please do. I really want to do the same thing, but wasn’t sure it would fit between the joiners.

any news on this?:slight_smile:

It didn’t work out as well as I hoped. With the joiners locked into the 7u case, the fit for the 4u case between them is too tight to be realistic. The top portion of the joiners bends outward so they are not flush with the 4u case. If I forced them by screwing them into the sides of the 4u case, I worry that I would do damage to the 7u case over time by pushing the sides outward. It kinda works by inserting the joiners upside down into the 7u case, using what are supposed to be the top joiners as the legs, and the actual legs pointing upwards to support the 4u case. This way there is no drilling required, because you can just run a dowel through the holes in the legs to support the back of the 4u case. But it’s kludgy, and the joiners are not fully locked into the 7u case, so it is not as sturdy. I’m currently balancing the 4u case on top of the 7u, propping it up against the back of my desk. Back to square one looking for a portable solution, and resisting the urge just to expand to two 7u cases. I don’t know if any variance in manufacturing would allow for a better fit with different specific cases, which might explain why @kamil thought it could work.

so i‘ve got the joiners and tried to mount my mdr case to the performance case.
the joiners are a litte bit to narrow, so the mdr case does not fit in very well.

does anybody may have a good idea how to mount the mdr properly to the performance case?
any idea is appreciated.

thank you guys

Wow i love this! I’m interested in building a little shelf so I can mount my TR-8S right above my 7U rack and this is a super smart way to go about it! if only i knew anything about woodworking :slight_smile: