Intellijel Superbooth 2018 Coverage

Sonicstate paid Intellijel’s booth a visit to check out the Planar2 and a prototype of the new 1U step sequencer. Plus there was a surprise 1U oscilloscope module!


How many HP is the step sequencer?

Incredible. Scrub. I think I’m about to become the proud owner of 2 Planars… one original, and one 2.

Also, sign me up for 2 of everything else. Gah.

Scott… any news on the release for Rubicon2?

MattTechModular in the UK has received a shipment, yet none of the US resellers have. Just wondering on ETA?

Step Sequencer!!!
( pants wildly )

Feels like my birthday, and everyone has surprised me!
So yes. So much yes. Yes.

OMG all the things I wished for came true.
FAR beyond with the sequencer!
I will have all the things at the earliest convenience please.
Thanks and great job guys.


I’m pretty excited for the scope!


Here’s Kamil talking with JustMusic about Rubicon2, Morgasmatron, Planar2, Octalink and Steppy:

They’re shipping out now, so they should be receiving them soon!

This is a shorter one with Kamil and MusicStoreTV:

Here’s Andrew Huang performing with some Intellijel modules and fielding questions:

Does anyone have a clue on hp for the scope? I want to make sure to save room for that. Insta-buy for me.

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Looks to be the same as the Noise Tools beside it, which is 22hp.
That’s not the final panel though, but I imagine the dimension wouldn’t change? Unless Dan and Co. cook up some add-ons to it, but he did mention it’s ready to go development-wise.

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i’m planning a new case and would be nice to know official HP sizes of the 1U sequencer, Planar2 and Tetra Pad Expansion. Also would be nice to know some of the Tetrapad expansion features so far, kinda bummed it hasn’t been talked about at all yet.

I’m not positive, but I’m holding space for most of what you’re talking about.

I believe the Tetrapad expander is going to be 8hp (how I wish it was going to be 6hp)
but I think it’s gonna be 8.

The 1U sequencer, I believe is going to be 28hp

I believe the 1U scope will be 22hp (same size as the Noise Tools it looks like)

and the Planar 2 is already on modular grid and listed as 14hp

It’s possible that these new ideas and prototypes aren’t always announced with specific size details because they are new, and subject to change. That first 1U sequencer we saw was much different from the current iteration. It’s kind of exciting to watch and catch a glimpse of the development.

Excited for these cool new things!