New rack suggestions

Hi, I am purchasing a 4u case and initially starting with an Audio Interface module. Any suggestions as to what else I should add to make this a really interesting rack? Many thanks.

Oooo, a new rack… I’m going to assume 104hp… If it’s smaller, you’ll need to be a bit more discerning. :slight_smile:

What kind of tunes are you looking to make? process samples? beats? noise? ambient?
Can make a big difference when you’re sourcing modules.

Some General stuff:

Quadratt is a no-brainer, Noise tools is also really useful. (if you see other utility there that you like, fill up the space, but if you are patient, then the Steppy 1U Step sequencer will be out later this year, as well as an oscilloscope (more on those: Intellijel Superbooth 2018 Coverage). Digiverb is a killer price and simple if you want some in-the-rack reverb.

modulation/Control: Planar 2 should be out soon, it’s makes everything fun, super amazing with a uScale. Tetrapad is getting a big update, and a brain soon. QuadVCA is indispensable.

Sound: Shapeshifter (is my personal favourite intellijel module). Consider the uJack + Mixup vs the Audio I/O if you don’t need inputs. (Audio I/O also available in 1U, but you’ll need the Jacks too). Plonk is lovely and a good size.

Filters and Envelopes, also important building blocks.

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many thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

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