Intellijel sampler/looper?

Will we ever see an Intellijel sampler/looper in the lineup? I feel like this is probably one of the last things, save for an updated synth voice, that Intellijel lacks. I know there are many sampler options out there but I’d like to keep my 7U case all-Intellijel.

The ability to slice samples, adjust attack/decay, a few MOD inputs (for modulating various parameters) and being able to view the waveform would be very helpful for editing – similar to Erica Synths’ Sample Drum. 4ms’ STS was nice as well but I found it hard to accurately and easily tune samples together without any visual feedback; not to mention it was fairly large. Also, button combinations can sometimes become so convoluted that you lose focus of the piece (i.e. Morphagene).

This may be asking too much for one module but the ability to overdub and, subsequently, loop recordings would be very interesting.

We’ve definitely though about doing some sampler-related modules. Settling on a design that’s not simply copying whatever else is already out there is always the difficult part. It would be interesting to hear what kind of features people would find valuable in a modular sampler.

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Hopefully forum members will chime in with other feature requests. I’ve created a poll with some basic features:

  • 1 rotary encoder
  • 2+ rotary encoders
  • Basic editing functions (ADSR, pitch, etc.)
  • Looper/overdubbing feature
  • microSD card support
  • Multi-sample triggering
  • Sample management within module
  • Sample slicing
  • Sans LCD screen
  • Time-stretching
  • Waveform visualization (LCD screen)

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Cv scrubber? 0v = start of sample, 5v = end of sample

Forgot about scrubbing. I’ll add it to the list.

I can’t update the poll, but customizable MOD inputs (CV scrubbing, playback direction, etc.) are definitely something I’d love to see on the module.

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If it can loop and mangle via cv and knobs and stay in sync with a clock then I’m all in.

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I can see there being room in the lineup for two separate samplers potentially. One that’s more of a loop sampler where the loop can be sliced into a grid either based on the clock or on transients. The other would be more of a one-shot sample player with two or four (or more) voices with samples arranged into kits.


I designed a quick concept with some of the popular features from the poll.