Intellijel Monster case?

Any interest in a super large intellijel case?

I was thinking of something 104hp wide but at least 4 rows of 3U for a total of 12U. Alternatively it could also have a 1U row at top and bottom (and middle) for a total of 14 -15U.

Would be made of aluminum and look similar to the 7U cases but designed to stand vertical only so no retractable feet. It could also use our new TPS80W Max supply with one board for every two rows.

It would be possible to make a lid for this too.

These would be pretty easy for us to design and build but the bulk of the expense in them would be the power boards.


I’m happy with my 2x84hpx7U for now, but it would be nice to have the option of a monster case in the event I decide to change formats or have a more permanent installation.

sounds awesome. I have the 84HP 7U case and thinking about getting another 7U to join… but now that you discuss the monster case… will it have a lid?

Same format as the current Performance cases Danjel?

I find myself wanting a monster case like that for ease of setup, but being able to fly with my system as a carry-on is super important. Therefore, I’m more interested in the development of a spacer to connect two 104hp 7U cases together allowing them to remain cross-patched when closed (and keeping the closed 14U system within most airline overhead compartment size restrictions).

Is this something that you’d ever consider making?


How about a 7U126HP case? I have a 3U126 and it is Just the Right Size. Might not fit under a plane seat, but once you’re talking Monster Case why not go for something impressive?


I’d rather have an intellijel monster case with 1U than an ADDAC monster case. Gotta give some thought to the specific dimensions suggested tho.

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Sounds pretty interesting. Need the multi row of 1U for sure.

Any random ballpark guess range on costs?

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I’d be happy enough with 13U (12+1). But it would need to have the audio and midi i/o on the case like the performance racks.


I currently have a 18U 114hp case. Thinking of getting the ADDAC monster later down the road (maybe 2020) if that is any indication of what I’m looking at. Otherwise, as mentioned above, I’d be more interested in flight ready (carry-on) case. Something like 2x 7U cases cross patched, also mentioned above.

Currently in the market for a new studio case but with the lid and light weight I’d be able to take it out as well. I’m into this idea! I’d be happy with 13 or 14U 126hp but 104hp would work as well. And absolutely keep the audio and midi on the side, thats so clutch.

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Sold some of my smaller cases so now I have modules in their boxes, and that makes them sad. Thinking about this some more, I’d love a 2600 style case, no curve but tilted back a bit. And I will have my Intellijel 4U 104 parked in front of it, so it would need to be lifted up a few inches to accommodate. And since a 13U/14U 104hp wouldn’t hold all my modules, maybe a way to attach a 7U 104 on top? Or I’ll just buy two monster cases. Black metal please :sunglasses:

Is this monster idea still alive?

Yes. I am interested in a 126hp wide type of case. 3 rows of 3U and a 1U row at top would be ideal. This would fit nicely on my synth rack.

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Would love to see a way of joining 2 of the 7u cases together into one single portable suitcase (spacer to connect two 104hp 7U cases together allowing them to remain cross-patched when closed (and keeping the closed 14U system within most airline overhead compartment size restrictions).)


I like the idea of a slightly larger 7U case (7Ux126 as described above) seems good. Or maybe 10U. I don’t know how many people really need to travel by plane so the 104hp limit seems, arbitrary for many of us.

I like the idea of being able to “maintain a patch” across a set of cases too, but I don’t like the way it’s done with the “2 sided” cases. I’d prefer a system where there are big DB-29 style connectors that you can use to join the cases, and them some kind of patch bay that you can use to patch “across cases”. I’m considering repurposing the midi jacks on a pair of 7U cases to try it out eventually, although that’ makes for a pretty limited set of connections.


I would love to see a larger selection of cases! I am in the process of building out a very large studio system (~1200hp) and am heavily moving over to all Intellijel 7U cases for this (4 total 104hp 7U cases joined in pairs and one joined pair of 84hp 7U cases). My issue with most larger cases out there right now is that they almost never seem to have covers and don’t have any 1u rows.

I would buy a larger case in a heartbeat if it came with at least 4 rows and at least 1x 1u row and could use the same joining connectors that the 7u cases use (to have say a 14u vertical and 7u base).

What are the chances of this happening?

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The idea of replacing my joined 7Us with one of these really appeals. My desk needs to serve a few different functions and if the vertical standing reduces the depth needed, that’s a big win for me. The lid would be a nice bonus too.

I just joined this forum - been around a while on Muffs.

If there was an option like this, I would have considered it when moving from L-shaped cases and a large boat (all Goike with TipTop power). I ended up ordering a couple of Gemini 2 cases from Monorocket.

So… right now I am more interested in smaller side cases to hold some add-ons and possibly a case dedicated to stereo effects to put on sends/returns from my DAW.

I would be very much interested in a solution like this! I’m currently living under the huge shadow of 3 Doepfer Monster cases, and while they are imposing and impressive, they weigh a ton and are hardly what you would call ergonomic to work with (mostly because of lack of curvature and the small base case…).

I would buy an Intellijel monster case in a second! Love those 1U rows!