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Intellijel Monster case?


Let me be the third one to show an interest in a connector for two of the existing 7U cases.
Some case makers offer this option, but I love my stealth cases and don’t want to switch.

Being able to transport two 7U cases as a patched unit would be awesome!



I know this is a bit old, but have you seen Octalink? This lets you connect two cases via Ethernet with an 8-jack patch bay.




Yup… Looks great…

I flatter myself to think that you guys did it because of my post :smiley: but I know it’s more realistic to believe that great minds think alike.

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Have been thinking about the „connector“ that wpuld let two inter-patched cases be closed as one unit.

I guess it‘s not possible, or rather impractical because the case handles/grips would stick out on either side then.
Even if one handle was removed, that particular case would then sit on the outer connectors when one sets it on the floor. That could be helped by applying furniture felt stickers for a bit of distance to the ground, but it’s not ideal.



I really want to be able to have a 14u that fits close to standard US carry-on standards. Im about to execute this myself but if you guys have any options for combining two that would be amazing



Hi, any news on a 14u case ?

It would be great !



I’m also very interested in any updates on this!