Five months wait on an intellijel case? what is going on

Does any one know what is going on with the intellijel cases.

I ordered a 7u 104HP case from Thomann in August. Everytime I’m expecting it to arrive, Thomman changes the expected delivery date by an extra 4 to 5 weeks.

It’s now 4 months out, now they are saying not until the end of January.

I"m getting quite frustrated with this.

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Perfect Circuit had stock a week ago, which means that they got more than they had preorders for. I don’t know what Intellijel’s system is other than they said they give priority to retailers who have placed orders with them in chronological order. It’s possible Perfect Circuit just says “give us 50 cases” and Intellijel has no idea how many of those are preorders, and if PC placed their order before Thomann, PC will get surplus before Thomann gets anything I guess. If that were true, that would mean you would need to monitor stock at all retailers and if a retailer gets surplus, buy it from them and cancel your order with Thomann.

Seems like there are some 104hp performance cases available in the blemish section: New Stock — Discontinued/Blemished - intellijel

I should have said, I’m based in Europe, buying from the US means time in customs +21% extra in tax.

I can understand your frustration and we apologize for the wait. Unfortunately, these delays have been far beyond our control since they relate to the global shipping and part shortages stemming from the pandemic. Many other industries are suffering from the same issues. We would obviously love to get these out asap for many reasons, not the least of which is to keep our customers happy!

Our team is busy assembling cases as quickly as they can and we are steadily catching up on backorders.

Thomann is probably being conservative with the lead time but there is a chance things will arrive much sooner.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding!


Thanks Danjel! We appreciate all your time, effort, and patience. :heart:

Control has black 104hp in stock:

(Intellijel 7U x 104HP Performance Case STEALTH w/ PSU – CONTROL)

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I cancelled my Moog Audio pre-order (6 months wait) to order from Schneidersladen in Germany (only place that had stock a few weeks ago). It’s stuck in shipping hell right now.

Wish I had the means to buy one out of the USA to ship here and sell the pending one when it arrives from Germany. Creeping up on 7 months trying to get this case. Last of my 1U modules just arrived an hour ago too.

yes it is frustrating. i’m more bothered by shops saying that things are in ‘stock’ or shortly coming in stock and then changing the goal posts when the date nears.

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Well crossed fingers I get it sometime within a year!

I ordered 2 stealth 104hp 7u cases in February from Perfect Circuit, so I’m going on 11 months now. I still can’t believe I’ve waited this long, but what the hell at this point, might as well stay in the marathon.

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The debacle continues. After waiting 6 months for a pre-order on a stealth case from Moog Audio and seeing places get stock of silver cases for a few weeks, I ordered a case from Schneidersladen in Germany. This was after seeing a few places in North America receive and sell out of stock. I did not want to wait any longer and miss yet another opportunity, so I ordered the case from Germany. A few days after ordering, some cases came in at Perfect Circuit and and Control. Those sold out in days (but I had my case coming from Germany). I finally noticed that Moog Audio must’ve received and sold of of their cases in the last couple of days. Lovely.

Schneidersladen just advised me that my package was lost by DHL and they have no stock. ./facepalm

And guess what? No stock anywhere in North America. I had to wait just long enough for every store in North America to be out of stock. Schneidersladen is refunding the purchase but I’m back to the months long waiting game. :frowning:

If anyone sees any of these in stock anywhere in any color in North America, can they please reply and link to this thread?

I feel like when I finally get my hands on one it will have something wrong with it. Because it would be so on point for this whole experience.


Blemished silver and stealth 104 in stock on the Intellijel site right now.


Haha. I think you’re winning the marathon.

O no! What a mess. I thought I had it bad.

Yes! My 2 Stealth cases shipped today. The finish line is around the bend!


Checked this morning and again just now. Both show out of stock.

I may have found one at Big City Music in LA though. Just waiting to see if their website is accurate. I triple checked before ordering a stealth one and it went to out of stock afterwards so I’m hoping it’s not an error. Shows a silver one in stock as well.

Edit: Looks like I didn’t go to the blemish section when I checked this morning ./facepalm. Could’ve saved a couple hundred dollars in shipping and pending UPS brokerage fees. It’s just been one of those days.

Danjel. Do you know if Thomann is receiving any units soon. I was told in the last email that it was the 15th of December, they have no changed the date AGAIN on their website. They have changed the delivery date around 5 times already. It would be good to get a concrete date so I can make contingency plans if this falls apart.

Thomann have just told me now it’s the 14th of January. Next month will they tell me 14th of Februrary… until the end of time?

After 11 months of waiting, my stealth performance cases have finally arrived. Super stoked as they unexpectedly arrived on New Year’s Eve. Today I just finished installing some Befaco passive bus boards for the 1u row. My biggest personal complaint with my Silver performance cases, is that in order to power anything in the 1u row you need to take modules out of the second row to access the bus board at the bottom of the case.

Unfortunately I won’t get a chance to load this case up for another few weeks. I’m currently in the middle of a deep patch for a music festival set at the end of January.

I will say these stealth cases are so much more sexier than my current silver performance cases and I’m so glad I waited and didn’t cancel my order (which I considered doing about 3 or 4 times in the course of the 11 month wait)

Happy new year everyone!