Feature suggestion MIDI-in-CCs to all parameters


I have a suggestion for a future firmware update for the Metropolix:
Implementation of the parameters for controlling the sequencer via MIDI CC messages.
At the moment the sequencer has the 2 controls and 3 CV inputs to change individual parameters live … However, it would be incredibly advantageous to be able to have each of the parameters accessible via MIDI with, for example, a controller box.
From my point of view, this would raise the sequencer to a new level - especially for live applications.

A second (additional) idea is to develop an expander for such inputs. This would be possible to save space on 2HP with 9 x 3.5mm sockets … 1 x TRS-MIDI-IN + 8 x CV-IN for controlling internal parameters …
This would be the counterpart to the Extender Gx.

Kind regards