Did Somebody LEAK the new 1u midi module?

I was on modulargrid for the first time in a while, finally actually serious about planning out a setup that I would actually spend money on. I naturally went to intellijel first, as I wanted to put in some other modules in my plan. What I saw astounded me!
When sorting by new, the newest module there is for a new 14hp uMIDI. That’s revolutionary—the old version was a whopping massive 22hp. It has no information on price, depth, or current draw. Merely an image and a width. But it’s a real image, not some concept art.
It’s not even on the intellijel website yet. But I would bet my left arm and my favorite keyboard that it will be out soon. And I’d buy it the first moment it was in stock if I had the rest of my setup already.

It has been shown by Intellijel in a couple of streams now. I wouldn’t worry about it too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a little disappointing. All my skills in being dramatic—wasted! All my years in theatre—wasted! My aspirations of being an author—crushed!
At least we get a new midi module.
edit: (perhaps not all my skills at being dramatic went to waste)

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Looks like the new MIDI 1U has now arrived at Nightlife Electronics!


How are the expanders coming along?

Expanders will be ready very soon. Perhaps even this week…


@Danjel - Are the manual and configuration tool available? Really excited about being able to split the main module into two voices!

And the question I am dreaming of - can it do bipolar pitch output?
I will work around it if not. But it just adds extra work to keep the complex oscillators tuned.

I sold my FH-2 last week and reclaimed my 8HP (which is already ocupied by a new Dixie2+)… Looking forward to the new µMIDI 1U system!

Yes all the CV outputs, including PITCH have a maximum range of -5V to +5V.

We should have the manual and config app linked up tomorrow or tuesday (note that it is Canadian Thanksgiving so monday is a stat holiday here)

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MIDI 1U modular arrived!
So excited to test out the dual mode and bipolar pitch output later tonight.
One question @Danjel @ScottMFR - from the config app, I don’t see a way to change the pitch form bipolar to polar? or is it always -5V to +5V?

…Not that I ever want to go 0-10V unipolar except for the Piston Honda MkIII - which can only detect 0-8V for pitch. But with transposition, MIDI 1U still gives me 5 usable octaves. Not a deal breaker.
Love the new config app!!!

Pitch can only be +/-5V there is no option for 0-10V.


@Danjel - thanks!
Very happy that pitch is bipolar!
An hour of playing around… this is great! being able to flip back and forth from a single complex and expressive voice to a pair of simpler voices makes this extremely versatile.
Fun patch with MIDI 1U, Two VCOs, Bifold, and two LPG 1U:
Two separate voices, each with their own MIDI 1U channel - I’m using Dixie2+ and Rubicon2.
Patch output from one VCO into Bifold P, the other VCO into Bifold S.
The velocity of each voice drives their respective fold amount on Bifold. Adjust attenuverter to taste.
Then each into their own LPG 1U with their respective gate.
Note velocity adds wavefolding dynamics to each voice, and the big Bifold knob increases the overall intensity of the wavefolding.
Instant west coast fun!!
Here is how it sounds:


Will there be some type of polyphonic voice allocation mode with the expander (ala 4 voice round robin w/ a gate and CV each)?

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Yes, polyphony will be available in the expander


Hey folks, I’m excited to pick up one of these modules, but I’m not seeing it in many retail outlets yet. Is it in the process of being provided to other vendors?

Regarding the expander port on this module - I notice it’s marked as “i2C”, does this mean it could potentially be used as a MIDI to i2C adapter module for modules like the ER-301 and monome series?

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Using the app, could I reconfigure the Pitch, Mod, and other outputs to output Gates? I don’t need pitch information (I generate it within the modular) and all I really need is a way of getting master clock, reset, and triggers from the Octatrack into the system.

We are possibly going to have connectivity to some of our other modules. Not sure about third-party as it could be a lot of additional development effort that we don’t really have time for. Currently myself and @slowwild are the only software devs at Intellijel and we’ve already got a lot of projects we’re juggling.


Yes, you will be able to use any of the CV outputs as gates, triggers, or clock dividers. That’s not implemented in the Config app at the moment but it will be available once we are closer to shipping the expander since all the expander outputs can be used for any purpose.


Any update on those expanders? I could really use one or two!


I’m guessing this is a longshot, but Any chance the expander works with the OG uMidi?