Did Somebody LEAK the new 1u midi module?

The 3U definitely not since we never had an I2C interface on there. It may be possible with the µMIDI 1U, I have to see how much effort it would be to port the firmware over to that hardware and how many people would be interested in buy an expander if I did.

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I’m not really looking to swap my 1u uMidi out for the new version, but I’d pick up the expander in a heartbeat if it was compatible. Not sure how many other people are in my shoes… Thanks for getting back to me!

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I’ve got an old midi 1u in one case and a new midi 1u in another (chained via the midi thru din port). I was probably going to buy two expanders and it would definitely be more handy if I could spread them between the two cases.

By the way, any estimate on when those expanders are gonna be available? :thinking::face_with_monocle:


Wow, this looks great. I love the expandability. That’s the main issue I have with µMIDI as I like to have multiple voices.

My main concern now is intonation/voltage accuracy. Are the DAC’s 16-bit and is there a calibration utility?

I’m not sure about the DAC, but the calibration is done in the factory and should not have to be redone by the end user. If you found the µMIDI accurate then you shouldn’t have any problems with the new version.

Ah, cool. I’ll have to test my µMIDI 1U and see how it performs. Truthfully, since it only had a single channel I never ended up using it for more than a clock + start/stop when I had other multi-channel MIDI-CV jams available.

Yes the DACs are 16-bit

THAT is great news!