You can buy the wall plug from the bottom of this page, 90 Watt AC/DC Power Supply is what you want.


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The 4u 104hp are out of stock. when could I expect to be able to get one?

The easiest way to do this is to just buy some wood and a power board. You could paint it white if you want it to look better.

Will the 4U x 104hp still be available next year or future in general?

It seems to be removed from the website but the gig bag is still there.

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The 4U 104HP case has been discontinued.

A new version based on the 4.5U Palette is now being contemplated.


Great news!

It would be awesome if you could add four 1/4″ audio jacks instead of two and maybe Midi (In/Out/Thru) like in the 7u Case.


I personally would like to one day mount a 4Ux104HP atop my existing 7Ux104HP using the side bracket slots.

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@ohexoh have you ever heard of makerbeam? They might have something you would want but you would loose the folding capacity

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Flimsy power switch?

I just bought two 7U cases. One of them has a power switch that works, but does not fully „lock“ into the ON position. Only a slight touch will move it back to OFF.
The other case‘s switch is fine and needs the expected amount of force to turn it back off.

In the video (link above) the case in front is fine, the one in the back has the flimsy switch.

Is this within the expected tolerance for how these switches work?
I‘m afraid that the case might turn off unexpectedly…

I can still return it to the shop and am wondering if that’s the best thing to do.
Or is there a way to modifiy the switch so it will be more reliable?

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Always best to post tech support questions to

We have never had a failed power switch. They are made by Cherry and super reliable.

However if this one does not feel right we can definitely arrange a replacement. The power cables for it slide on (friction fit) and the switch snaps into place so it should be relatively easy for a user to replace if needed.

As aforementioned if you contact support they will be happy to arrange sending you a replacement part to try.

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@MikeLeeBirds you can always try a power entry 1u. Not that hard or expensive, low HP

No sense in spending money and wasting HP when the case is still under warranty. Even if it wasn’t, he could always buy the switch from a parts store - it would be a lot cheaper, and again, not waste HP.

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True. That’s very true.

Thanks Danjel, I will do that.

That would be a waste of space and money if the solution is a simple switch of the switch.

Any idea if this is still a possibility? would love to see an 84hp version!
I have a 7u 84hp performance case but am interested in lightly expanding it :slight_smile:

Still a possibility! Not sure what the time frame is at this point. Also, I think it’s more likely to see a 104HP Palette.


Sounds great! Good to know, I’ll keep an eye out.

Ideas to consider for the new 104HP case:

  1. Deeper - at least 5mm more
  2. Two .5U rows - top row has two pair audio jacks, MIDI in/out/thru, and USB power, while the bottom row (bottom of the case) has mults, unity mixer, etc.
  3. Move the 1U row to the bottom

Planar2 aside, 2 and 3 would minimize the number of patch cables crossing over module controls.


I’d be curious to see a 104HP palette. I’m thinking of getting into modular with an Intellijel case, but the 7U is a bit too pricey and the current palette is a bit too small. A 104 palette seems like the Goldilocks zone for me.

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