I am very disappointed that Intellijel is ending production of 42HP and 84HP cases. I have had an order on hold for 6 weeks only to find out that I won’t be receiving the case. There are so many Eurorack module manufacturers, yet relatively few cases are made. There is a need for good quality smaller cases - like the 42HP and 84HP Intellijel Cases.

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Noooooooooo. What?

Wow that’s a pity indeed - the 42hp is such a great one…

I have no numbers to back this up, but I’d say Intellijel have been very successful in the case market. They’ve sold through at retailers, they’ve been well received by users, and they pop up everywhere in photos and videos. There has also been a groundswell in interest in “single-row” and “lunchbox” systems, but I don’t know if that translates to sales.

I love my case, I’m designing a second system and there is no question that it would be anything other than Intellijel, ideally an identical 7U 84hp to the one I have.

Coupled with the curious unavailability of the 1U modules I wonder if there’s something else going on. New SKUs on the way for some reason?

I am sorry that you are disappointed and this is of course not our intention. The reality for us was that the 4U x 84hp and 4u X 42hp were quite slow sellers in comparison to our 7U cases and even the 4U x 104hp.

The 4U cases are made overseas and using an extrusion process so they have very high minimum order quantity and have to be shipped by boat. In order to make more we would have had to commit to a large quantity of them and there simply is not enough interest from dealers and I don’t want to hold that much inventory in our warehouse.

Our 7U cases on the other hand are made locally in Vancouver, Canada and so we can control the quantity we make and not have to wait for super long shipping methods (other than the rails which still come from Asia).

We do recognize that there is a need for some other size of cases and it is something we have been working on. If you have any specific suggestions or feature requests we warmly welcome them!


Makes sense! I think there are a few other options for cheap, small cases out there, but there’s nothing on the market that really compares to the full-sized Intellijel cases. I think I’d rather see Intellijel devote their resources to making a premium product.

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Thanks for all the replies. A variety of opinions expressed here. I for one have a need for the smaller cases and shall be very interested to see what the company comes up with next. Please don’t neglect those of us who value the more portable Intellijel cases!

Thanks Danjel for your informative reply. Personally I would welcome something between the 42HP or 84HP in size that can be carried in a bag along with other equipment. Quality and portability please. Look forward to the product launch!

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I’d love to see the 4u 104hp case in black to match the 7u, it would look sleak :sunglasses:


Was just taking another look at the 4u options and was surprised to see that the 42/84 has been discontinued!

I’ve been on the lookout for a backpack/ultra-portable/travel skiff for some time, but none of the options on the market really do it for me.

My suggestions (more of a wishlist :smiley:)

  • 42-60hp - I think 42 is just a bit too small for me, and would force hard decisions about 1u modules
  • max depth 40-50mm - current depth of 4u cases is fine for desktop use, but not for portability imo
  • lid or semi-hard case/sleeve - this is where the current options on the market fall over. I think if the enclosure was similar to the 7u’s the carry case would be preferable for shock protection. Does not need to close patched, should prioritize compactness instead, and it shouldn’t be an issue to repatch such a low amount of hp.

Absolutely right. There is a great need for quality cases with sufficient power that are also portable. And have some sort of lid to protect our valuable modules.

The 42 and 84 hp cases were the weakest sellers so we are not going to make any more of those. Thanks for the suggestions about small portable cases, we’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do with my 42 HP of Intellijel Modules that need a small case to house them. Really don’t want a large case with two rows of 3u +1u. Thanks.

Where are you located? There will be custom builders in your area.

And that is exactly what I did. Got a firm called MCG in Glasgow UK to make me a small case. Excellent. Many thanks for suggestion!

Question - Can they be positioned with a sharper angle than what is shown when looking at pictures of the cases (which is a very gentle / low angle)?

If not, how stable are the 7U 104hp case’s when stood vertically? Is the lid used in anyway to provide stability?

Or, would I need to buy a stand (like a guitar amp stand etc.)


The 7U Cases have 3 possible angles including 2 with the feet.

No, the case would not be stable if stood vertically and the lid is not used for stability.

If you want to mount it more vertically, I know some people use guitar amp stands, so that might be worth looking into. I have a Hercules 2-tier x-stand at home, and I’ve been able to mount my case on the top tier of the stand which has one option that’s about a 45 degree angle.

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Are there photos of the 3 angles you’re referring to? I don’t need the case to go fully vertical - but I do need it at a higher angle than this (which is the only real angle I can seem to find)

The three positions are demonstrated in our cases video at about the 1:30 mark.

The steeper angle is also shown on the case product page here:

Note that in this one the feet are straight out, while in the photo you sent they are back at an angle.

Thanks for that info. I don’t suppose you know what the angle is do you? Looks around 30º…?