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Fun news. I’m psyched for this, and can’t wait to learn more.

Very nice!

I would love to see on the oscilloscope the difference between a Buchla-style Parallel “deadband” and a modified Serge-type Serial folding circuit. Does anyone know how this new folder compares to the uFold or the wavefolder that is built into the shapeshifter?

In a thread on MW, someone said of the two paradigms, “From what I can tell the difference happens in the last 10%. The Buchla goes dome-shaped while the Serge squares up.”

I’ve seen the uFold II in action on my 'scope, and it seems to be more dome-like to me, so assuming that it’s not something altogether different, I suspect it’s more Buchla-like in design.

That said, I’d also love to hear more on this topic from someone who’s not conjecturing from random material found on the internet.

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Whaaaat??? That would really be great! Currently building a Buchla easel inspired case I would definitely have this as a part of a complex oscillator. Ring mod!!! :star_struck: (not part of an easel but I love my uMod!)

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I am also quite curious to know if the fold and crossfade inputs respond to audio rate signals. I was a little sad when I noticed that you couldn’t CV the bias, but maybe these inputs could achieve a similar effect.

I think, just like on the Morgasmatron, there’s a phase inversion switch so if xfade is modulated at audio rate it should work as a ring modulator. Actually I think the modulator goes into the phase inverted input then taking the output from xfade would be the ring modulated signal.

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Is that a switch on the front panel or is the modulating signal triggering the switch with a negative voltage?

Switch is on the front panel. I’ll explain it better:

  1. Patch a signal into in P
  2. Take the output from MIX to audio system
  3. Turn the switch to phase inversion and put the xfade knob to 12 o’clock, now there’s a copy of your signal that’s phase inverted, canceling the original signal.
  4. Send a modulating signal (a sine wave would be nice) to the xfade input and turn up the attenuverter
  5. Ring Mod!

Well that certainly is interesting way to design the module.

I am more thirsty for oscilloscope video now more than ever.

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I can’t wait to hear the announcement from Intellijel soon!

Wow! Neat product and neat design. I’ll take one.

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