Audio Jacks 3U Module

Heya Intellijel fam!
Random thought here that a 3U version of the 7U Audio Jacks could be a great option to have in the mix.
Basically fire up a 3U (and even 1U?) faceplate for the 7U Audio Jacks board and that way we can use all the fun stuff like Mixups etc in other cases.
Exploring the idea of making some of my own wooden cases and I’m devoted to the Intellijel ins/outs forever!
Would add a lot of flexibility to add Mixups to many cases around the world :wink:



Does the 3U Audio I/O module do what you’re after? That’s a 3U module that gives you front panel I/O.

Or, do you want the Audio Jacks 3U module to be just the jacks, so you can use a 6 pin connector on the back to route it to other modules?

I would like a similar thing. I asked for 6 pin connectors on the back of the 3U Audio I/O module:

If we had both, then we’d have lots of routing options. :slight_smile: