Audio I/O rear connectors?

I really like how the Stereo Line Out 1U has a 6 pin connector that plugs into the audio jacks board of the Performance and Palette cases. It’s far neater than having 1/4-inch cables mixed in with other patch leads. For permanent studio racks, it’s great having concealed cables run to other gear.

But, for those with bigger custom cases, or non-Intellijel cases, is there a way to do a similar thing with the Audio I/O module? I’m hoping there’s a 6 pin connector, but it looks like the answer is no.

If there isn’t, please consider this a feature request for future Audio I/O module revisions! I’d definitely order a revised Audio I/O with a 6 pin connector on it.

The Audio IO 3U has no rear connectors for other jacks because it has the 1/4" jacks on the front panel. There are 1U Jacks modules that you could use with the Stereo Line Out, or you could buy the v2 Audio Jacks Board and mount it in your case. You would need a 1U row for the Stereo Line Out/In 1U, but Mixup can connect to the Audio Jacks Board with the rear 3-pin connector for an unbalanced output.

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Thanks for the reply Scott! I have the audio jacks board and Stereo Line Out 1U module with my current setup, but in a future custom case I might not have a 1U row. I’m looking for a neat way to get that all working. Maybe Mixup is the way to go. I really would rather use Audio I/O though.

I’ve spent a really long time looking for a solution for this, and so far I haven’t found a 3U output module with the ability to use rear I/O. I think this is a hole in the market, and one I’d really like Intellijel to fill. I’ll buy two updated Audio I/O modules if a 6 pin connector is added to the back! :smile:

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I would definitely rather use Audio I/O, but I did find a module that does what I want: 4ms’ Listen IO has an expander module that could be kept inside the case or bolted to the back as outputs. I think that’s what I’ll end up doing. Actually… maybe Listen IO would work with the Intellijel Audio Jacks boards?!