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Accio Tetrapad!


Any news on the Tetrapad front? I need one!


According to Instagram, shipping to dealers now…


Any news on when the manual for the tetrapad will be out. Would be great to take a peak in order to determine all the functionality packed into this module. I would think the manual would be available once they were shipping?


Tagging the 1.00 firmware today. We tried to get as much testing in as possible before launch to make sure we got the interface right and didn’t have to confuse people later by changing it! It will be shipping off to dealers as soon as it’s loaded onto the units in the factory.

In the meantime, you can read the manual.

Despite the deceptively simple appearance, this is probably the most complex module we’ve done. I’m really glad we are finally getting it out there!


Great, some reading for my train ride home from work. I have my space open for one of these. :slight_smile:


Slight update to the manual:


You can see it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fg115Vfh3I

This little guy is a ton of fun, and all the modes offer a huge amount of functionality!


Hey guys,

anyone know when Canadian retailers will get these in? I’ve had my pre-order in since Summer and seeing these out in the wild is driving me crazy, especially given Intellijel is a Canadian company, I would’ve hoped we got access to the great little module the same time as our southern friends. Apparently Moog still doesn’t know when they are receiving any and they put in an order for them in October.

Hoping to get good news soon! Cheers and can’t wait to play with this bad boy!


Worth. The. Wait!


All right, two weeks in and I love my Tetrapad more and more every single day. It’s only March, but I’m pretty sure this is my Module of the Year. I hope to have my second one next week, and I’m building a slim 40HP skiff for the pair. Well done, Intellijel.


Here’s my dual Tetrapad case. A pair of Tetrapads is a beautiful controller. I use them in conjunction with Boss Bow Tie in the main case for generative melodies and sequencing. The basic technique is to use one of the Tetrapads in Voltages Mode, with each output connected to an input of Boss Bow Tie. On the other Tetrapad, I made a custom scale that addresses the Boss Bow Tie to select a different connection with each pad.

Another common use case is to use one Tetrapad for the note and the other for transposition. In this case, I’m using Pittsburgh Distro’s unity mixer.

I’ve really just scratched the surface, but I’ve decided that two Tetrapads is about four times as good as one Tetrapad.


Beautiful! But where will you put the expander?


Yeah, I figured that somebody would mention that. Once I know the details on the expander (HP size, capabilities), I can decide if I need it. If I do, it only takes a few hours to build another case. But my main objective was to have a controller, and I don’t feel like I need more sequencing. My view right now is that Boss Bow Tie is the Tetrapad expander. That combo is just ridiculously deep.

That said, I can’t wait to see it!