Accio Tetrapad!

Usually I lurk for weeks before posting in a forum. But this time, I just want to come right out and say, “What’s the deal with the Tetrapad and when will I be able to get one?”

Ha, I’m right there with you. Planning to get a pair of Tetrapads asap to replace my pressure points. :smile:

Tetrapad is scheduled to be delivered to us on July 5th. It is later than we originally anticipated but we did not want to rush the final development and made sure everything was working to our expectations. Kamil has also added some super cool new features too (beyond what was last revealed at Superbooth).


Very cool, thanks! Any idea about U.S. pricing yet?

Very excited about this module myself, and about the new features. Also looking forward to hearing the pricing for it.

Price should be around $299 USD as long as the landed costs for the sensors does not jump up too much.


So - Today is July 5th, which date a previous post somewhere suggested that Tetrapad would ship on (OMG, terrible English!) My question is - what is the projected ship date?

Today was the date he expected delivery to THEM. I’m sure they’ve still got inspection and QA to do before they can get it to dealers.

I think it would be great to see the manual, or at least a feature list, even if consumer delivery might not be for a while.

Yeah, you’re right, I just got July 5th stuck in my mind. I’ve looked at a lot of the videos, not sure if a manual will really help a lot, but this module looks like it’s right up my alley in terms of how I like to control my modular. (I got bit by a spider that came from Morton Subotnick’s house in the late 60’s…) I have two Pressure Points and they are sometimes disappointing in terms of control.

I’ll have to look for those videos. For now, I’m thinking that I’ll probably keep Pressure Points, because I still love it.

I was bitten by the same spider; I’ll be in New York in a couple weeks to see Subotnick perform.

Edit: On YouTube, I don’t see any videos beyond the original Superbooth ones. What videos are you referring to?

Tetrapad hardware is built but we are just waiting for the sensors to arrive from overseas. We originally hoped to have it by early July but they took longer than expected.


Any news on release and full feature set of Tetrapad? :grinning:


I need one of these in my case. Hopefully they won’t be long now plonks are in the wild: )

Any news on expected ship date? I’ve been holding my breath so long I’m turning blue…

I think that somebody needs to pop in every few weeks and wonder about this. I sort of gave up and filled my 20HP gap with Phonogene, but I’m still sort of interested in a Tetrapad.

+1 !!! Waiting… waiting … waiting … I’ve got the space all planned :heart_eyes_cat:

It is so close guys. We were going to start shipping while Kamil was away but we identified some important tweaks to the firmware that need to be made first. He will be back next week to attend to this.

We only have 100 units initially but the rest of our stock will be ready in a few more weeks.

This has been the year of major major production delays in just about every single industry we deal with. Very frustrating but at least things are finally getting delivered to us.


I’m sure it’s well worth the wait. Can’t wait to drop this in where my pressure points is currently. :slight_smile:

Can we reserve unit(s)? I too plan to replace Pressure Points. And I’m building a control skiff for use with my small system. So I need (hah!, there’s that word again) 2 units, and maybe 3…

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Will these units just be sold directly on your site?