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7U Performance Case Update


Incredibly jealous.



Is stealth black only available in the 104 hp size? I’m looking for the 84hp in black, but not even seeing mention of it other than as an option on the Intellijel site.

And nobody has stock of even the silver 84 hp, so…



The 84HP Stealth Black case was a more recent addition so there’s not as much stock out in the wild.



At this point I’d assert there’s no stock out in the wild. At least based on a wigglehunt search.

Are 84hp black part of the batch of cases you’re working on assembling now, or will they be a future batch?



Seconded. I wish I wasn’t so in love with the Intellijel cases that I can’t consider a compromise. It’s brutal.



I’m currently looking into fabricating 4U and 7U cases for the Intellijel 1U format… Aluminium or aluminium with beautiful locally-made wood cheeks. Roll your own power supply (unless I can operate at scale) and no bells and whistles (ditto). Based in Montreal, Québec. PM if interested so I can assess demand.

(Not posting this to be a jerk or “steal business”: I love Intellijel cases so much I figured the best thing I could do would be to allow them to concentrate on the larger orders and instead support the 1U format for one-offs and more specific use cases. I apologize if this contravenes forum policy.)



I’d ready to buy one of these cases - they certainly are my first choice, but I cannot find them anywhere in stock in Canada. I’ll probably end up buying something else as I do need a case, but it’s too bad as I’d love to support a Canadian business… (and the cases are awesome)



These are currently available on https://www.bigcitymusic.com !

(yes I did get my order in before posting)

(now I’m worried I should have ordered two)

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I know this thread is technically about the 7U 104HP case, but the 84HP Stealth Black is now available on the Intellijel web store!




Can someone who has two joined with the joiners tell me how tall the whole thing is at the highest point ??

Thanks in advance.



Cats really love Intellijel bags.



Hah! Perfect for taking your cat out to a gig, to get that real “cats on synthesizers” vibe when playing out.



I am still looking for a studio only rack that is meant to be mounted and never moved again. 7uX104HP is a really nice size.
Maybe the performance case can have a rails + PSU kit to make the lid into another rack?



When are suppliers getting new stock of the 7uX104HP sizes? Mine is currently out and they said they don’t have an ETA yet.

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Bump. (10 characters)

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Hi! I was wondering if there were any proper solutions for going from the 7u’s balanced stereo out into an unbalanced stereo in–I have my modular running into an empress effect Zoia which is running as a minimal “no mixer needed” master bus for live performances. Right now the only solution I could figure is having some of the TRS cables plugged only halfway into the case but that doesn’t seem very safe. I tried TS as well but the Zoia doesn’t seem to really behave well with those either. The end result either way also brings in a lot of noise. Any ideas?

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I have two 7u performance cases. Is there a way to power both with a single (heavier duty) brick, and a Y cable of some sort?



Nothing Important to say, but I just joined this forum and wanted to jump in and say I ordered a 7U 104HP Performance case a couple days ago. Very new to eurorack and only have a handful of modules, but can already see the writing on the wall :slight_smile: I do have a friend who has loaned me several nice modules (DPO, Domino, Morphagene, Turing Machine among others), so I’ve outgrown my 3U 104 case quickly! Looking forward to seeing how others set up their cases, especially the 1U tiles, wire the case outputs, etc. I apologize in advance for all the stupid questions I’ll be asking :slight_smile: