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7U Performance Case Update


This has been on Reverb for sometime and cost about the price of a new one and comes with a bunch of 1U already.


Oh nice site - and great to know production is back on.


How about a non-performance case, a rack designed to be anchored in the studio and left there forever?


I hate to ask, but any word on when the 7U cases will be back in stock?


The whole back of the warehouse is full of cases being assembled right now, so probably quite soon


I’m going to keep refreshing once an hour for this afternoon but will probably take a break from 5pm to Monday since I assume no one’s working over the weekend =]


I second that.


Any chance these are the aluminum version? :slight_smile:


Just noticed that Control have some in stock


10x 104 stealth left in stock. Get em:



Hi, anybody tried to take it on a plane in Europe? Does it fit? Thinking about Easyjet, Ryanair, transavia.


With the gig bag I mean.


Haven’t tried any of the budget airlines, but we did take the 104HP in gig bag on a connecting flight between Frankfurt and Berlin which was a smaller airplane.


I didn’t miss it, did I? I’ve been faithfully checking back pretty much every day.


I picked up two from Control Voltage today! Still the best case on the market for my purposes.


Wow Control Voltage just literally went out of stock while I was deciding if I wanted to add any other modules to the order. So close to getting one!


Any word on this? Thinking about getting one direct :grimacing:


All of the cases being assembled are still being allocated to fulfill our dealer back orders.

At this point I would still recommend using Wigglehunt to locate a case near you.


Intellijel case overload!

Interestingly, it looks like the case joiners are slightly larger than the last time around.


Thank you so much for that Wiggle Hunt link. Had no idea that website existed and found a shop like 10 miles away that had the case available!