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7u case midi ports reusable?


I’m getting a new 7U case and have a Disting mk4 and I was wondering if I could hook up the disting’s midi breakout to the midi ports on the 7U case. assuming I’d have to diy the connector. Anyone know if this is possible? I’d like to go use the disting’s cv to midi mode to control keyboard from the modular – a direction the uMidi doesn’t go.

All of the necessary electronics are on the PCB; all that needs to be added is the actual sockets.
The header pin-out is as follows:
Pin Function
1 OUT pin 4
2 OUT pin 5
3 IN pin 5
4 IN pin 4
Pin numbers refer to the 5-pin DIN socket as in the MIDI standard.

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Connect Pam’s to MIDI out on 7U case?
Connect Pam’s to MIDI out on 7U case?

In theory this should work. There’s no circuitry on the MIDI jack PCB in the case, just routing the various I/O to the header. Here’s the header pinout:



Awesome. Looks like it should work. Thanks!

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Can I ask how you diy’d the connector? Great idea!



I took a 10-pin ribbon cable, and cut the ribbon in two, then just cross-connected the various individual wires.



Definitely bookmarking this thread. Been thinking about repurposing the MIDI jacks on my 7U cases. Got my eye on those 1/4" jacks too.



wondering if anyone successfully did this!?



We’ve had other reports of using them w/ a Disting. Using F/F jumper cables would be easiest, something like this: https://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/adafruit-industries-llc/1950/1528-1961-ND/6827084?utm_adgroup=&mkwid=s2BFFXZxe&pcrid=315240979579&pkw=&pmt=&pdv=c&productid=6827084&slid=&gclid=CjwKCAjwwZrmBRA7EiwA4iMzBP9P-GDPdiJgmNPhbpuq0VpdxYVQxx8UQIEpUsIPg4kdtwi2OTwPixoC50sQAvD_BwE

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I just happen to have a drawer full of them :slight_smile:



do i only need the four wires going to the midi on the case, not power or ground?



Just wanted to chime in and say that this worked great for hooking up General CV directly to the MIDI in on the 7u case.

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