7u case handle

Anybody successfully removed the case handle? What tools did you use?

You just need a wrench or socket (inside) and a screw driver (outside). Once you take the modules out, it’s pretty clear.

I did that with one of my cases so the 1U rows are in the middle when i have them stacked.

Be careful not to damage the case, as damage from this would not be covered under warranty.

Thanks, I’ll give it another go this evening. I tried a wrench but couldn’t get enough leverage past the “lip” of the case. Also tried unscrewing the handle until I realized it needs a hex key. Damage may already be done :slight_smile: May have to saw it off … kidding!


Did you do some extra drilling?

nope, with the right tools it’s should be simple. It’s just a screw, washers and a nut.

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Sorry, I was referring to moving the rows around. Putting the 1U row in the middle would be nice.

Ahhhh, that would be quite a big mod with a lot of drilling (through at lease 4 pieces), also not sure how that would line up with the mechanics in the side of the unit.

Realizing i misinterpreted your post. You were saying 1U row in the middle as in two separate cases with the 1U in the middle of the two and I read it as a single unit with the middle row being 1U.

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There is quite a discussion (now on three (3!) different threads) about moving the 1U section. So many people are interested, but like me, either don’t want to do the work or don’t know how.
@intellijel please just make this a buyable option!

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It‘s just a matter of drilling two holes.
I just have no experience with drilling in aluminum and want it to go right on the first try.

Any aluminum-drilling tips from more knowledgeable people?

This is what I would like to accomplish: