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7u case handle


Anybody successfully removed the case handle? What tools did you use?


You just need a wrench or socket (inside) and a screw driver (outside). Once you take the modules out, it’s pretty clear.

I did that with one of my cases so the 1U rows are in the middle when i have them stacked.

Be careful not to damage the case, as damage from this would not be covered under warranty.


Thanks, I’ll give it another go this evening. I tried a wrench but couldn’t get enough leverage past the “lip” of the case. Also tried unscrewing the handle until I realized it needs a hex key. Damage may already be done :slight_smile: May have to saw it off … kidding!




Did you do some extra drilling?


nope, with the right tools it’s should be simple. It’s just a screw, washers and a nut.


Sorry, I was referring to moving the rows around. Putting the 1U row in the middle would be nice.


Ahhhh, that would be quite a big mod with a lot of drilling (through at lease 4 pieces), also not sure how that would line up with the mechanics in the side of the unit.


Realizing i misinterpreted your post. You were saying 1U row in the middle as in two separate cases with the 1U in the middle of the two and I read it as a single unit with the middle row being 1U.