7U Case - 1U Adjustment

As I mentioned I’m no expert so someone else might have a better way. I measured, measured again, and measured again to be sure. Once I had my spot, I used an awl to make a dent. Was super careful to get the dent in the right spot. Then I used a very small bit to drill a pilot hole, then a bigger bit to make the final hole. Shards of aluminum were made in the process, wear some eye protection.

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What kind of drills did you use? What surface did you put the aluminum sides on and how did you fixate them?

I used a standard Milwaukee hand drill and regular drill bits, nothing special. Aluminum is soft so it drills quite easily. I did not remove the sides to do this, I simply turned the case on it’s side resting on my rug and drilled downward.
I should probably say again that I am not an expert in this area :grinning: There is probably a better way to do this but I was successful twice using this hack.


I would use a wood backer so it doesn’t punch through and damage anything!