7U Case - 1U Adjustment

As I mentioned I’m no expert so someone else might have a better way. I measured, measured again, and measured again to be sure. Once I had my spot, I used an awl to make a dent. Was super careful to get the dent in the right spot. Then I used a very small bit to drill a pilot hole, then a bigger bit to make the final hole. Shards of aluminum were made in the process, wear some eye protection.

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What kind of drills did you use? What surface did you put the aluminum sides on and how did you fixate them?

I used a standard Milwaukee hand drill and regular drill bits, nothing special. Aluminum is soft so it drills quite easily. I did not remove the sides to do this, I simply turned the case on it’s side resting on my rug and drilled downward.
I should probably say again that I am not an expert in this area :grinning: There is probably a better way to do this but I was successful twice using this hack.


I would use a wood backer so it doesn’t punch through and damage anything!

There is a bit called a center drill that has a small tip and then a 60 degree angle which will make a starting place for a regular drill bit so that it can not wander when starting your hole.
Small center drills (1/4") are perfect for following a center punch mark in Aluminum.

a machinist (for 50 years)


This is pretty easy to do. Use a pencil or marker and a 5/32” drill bit and M4 round head screws. It took me 5 hours to remove everything, move the 1u row, install the modules and repatch. Worth it. Intellijel, if you add a hole and extra screw to the case, users could do this when they first buy the case. Should be easy to change manufacturing and add two holes. Having utility at the top of the case creates too much cable clutter.


Extra screws wouldn’t even be necessary, as you could just move the screws with the rail. It would leave a hole on each side, but covering the hole with a screw would get in the way of whatever modules are at the ends, unless it was extra-short and only used to cover the hole.

One potential problem is that the ports reduce the available depth of a large portion of the top 3U row. It probably isn’t a big deal, unless you own a lot of Doepfer modules or something.

Having the case come with the extra two holes would mean they’d be nicely countersunk too.