7u 84hp Cases availability

Are there any plans to produce more 84hp 7u?
Fully aware of the global impact due to the pandemic, so not looking for dates, unless production began before Canada experienced lockdown/restrictions?

Keep safe! Tgank you


The black version is available, but I’m assuming you’re after the silver?

Yes the silver one.
Is it discontinued?

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I’m wondering this as well :smiley:

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Also in need of a second 7u silver 84hp case at the moment.
I’ve filled my first and bought the first one with the intention to buy a second down the track. I’m now at that point and they aren’t available anywhere.

I don’t have space on my desk for the 104hp version, the 84hp one fits perfectly into my setup,

I’ll be sorely disappointed if these are discontinued.

Please tell us you’re making more intellijel!

I have two 7U 84HP Intellijel silver cases that I will be putting on reverb next weekend.
They are in as new condition (never left my studio) with the original boxes and packaging.
Message me if you’re interested.

Definitely interested.
I’ve dropped you a message.

Interested in 1 but based in EU

7U x 84HP is not discontinued. They are simply not as in demand as the 7U x 104HP so we do fewer batches of them. We will probably do another batch of them soon.


I know this is about the 84, but is there an ETA on the 104? I can’t find any in stock anywhere. If y’all can give me a ride I’ll come give you a hand putting some together :wink:

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Is there a way to preorder or get notified when the 84hp cases are back in stock? I’ve been looking for one everywhere.

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If you’re ok with black b-stock 84HP cases, you can order one right now from here: https://intellijel.com/b-stock/


This makes me REALLY happy.

I’m ready and willing to put money down now to secure one of the next batch. Just can’t figure out how!

In case it helps nudge another batch, I’m interested in an 84hp case as well, aluminum or black :grinning:


Any word on these guys? I feel they’re taking forever!

I’m literally collecting modules on a shelf because they aren’t available to purchase ANYWHERE.


Any word on 84hp cases coming out again? When will they be in production? I already have one and wanted to get joiners and stack them to expand my current setup, so a 104hp isn’t an option.


Same here - Literally been checking everyday & when they show up they’re gone the next minute . Trying my best to hold out on it but a 104hp my be my best option right now .

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I would also like to know when intellijel thinks these will be in stock again.

We were expecting the new TPS80W boards by the end of January, but we’ve had an unfortunate parts delay. Those boards are needed for the next batch of 84HP cases, so once we receive them we’ll ramp up production and start sending them out!


I guess that the 104 case is also affected by this?