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7U 104hp Performance Case Update


Update on the case feet: They arrived today. Thanks for the speedy delivery and extra swag, y’all!


Not everyone intends to use Midi with Eurorack. I like the outputs as they are!


We did end up switching them on later batches of the cases :slight_smile:


That’s probably my chief complaint with the construction of these cases. One false move, you’ll likely end up with a gash somewhere. Hasn’t stopped me from buying four of them, though!

My guess is if they did any extra finish work it would raise the price.


that means - midi right and audio jacks left again?


No, the midi is on the left as you are looking at the case from the front. That way the signal flow is left to right.


I solved(?) this by wrapping the edges of the lid with strips of rubbery electronic masking tape.
Also makes the fit a bit more snug where the lid meets the case.
(I have a stealth 7U case so used black masking tape in this case…)


well, that is a nice fix… simple is the most beautiful…


It seems that these are more available than previously. Will this continue?


Any ETA on new stock of the 7u performance cases? Do want!


I cut myself on the case lid too once. I took a file to mine and did minor smoothing. It looks indistinguishable from the original but is safer.


I am new to modular and just got an intellijel 7u 104hp case. Could anyone tell me if it would be dangerous to use the case without it all being covered by modules? I have about 1/3 covered yet as I am starting. I read about the possible dangers of exposed power supply and connections on the internet, and there isn’t a manual for this case online.


There’s the risk of something falling into the case and shorting out the power supply. There’s the chance that could cause damage to the power supply or modules. It’s recommended you cover up the empty portions with blank panels or at least cardboard or something.


Ok cool I understand.


Any idea on when these will be back in stock (or know anywhere in the USA where they are in stock?)



Stealth case watchers update:

Ctrl has them in stock.


Ctrl out of stock :frowning:
Damn hard to find one of these. Demand must be pretty high, well deserved though.


Dang it-they’ve gone already! Rare indeed!!


If it makes you feel better, they oversold their stock by one and I didn’t get one either. :sob:


Was just put on to this site, it may help in your hunt!

They are in pretty steady production now, hopefully easier to find soon :slight_smile: