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7U 104hp Performance Case Update


Same. Been trying to get an update since February. :frowning_face:

I need to travel overseas with my Euro later this year, and from experience my Doepfer 6U suitcase is too heavy for some airlines’ carry-on. There’s no way I’m chucking it into the baggage compartment!


Paging @kamil. Could you provide an update? Thanks.


Honestly I don’t know anything about the case production side of things. I know @slowwild does some work on the production floor sometimes, or maybe we should just get @Danjel in this thread.


Hi everyone,

We just received 200 more cases this week and are busy assembling them. We have continuously been building cases since X-mas but they have all been going to fill dealer back orders. This is why we have not been posting them on our own web shop.

The cases take a lot of space in our warehouse and are quite slow/labour intensive to assemble compared to modules. They also have a ton of custom/unique parts that come from a wide variety of suppliers. If any one part is missing then the cases get delayed. They are a bit of a logistical challenge but we have been working things out and improving the workflow.

If you are really keen to get a case asap please try contacting us directly and we can probably help you out. :slight_smile:


thanks for the patience!


This is what happens when you make something AWESOME!!

Glad to hear there are some on the way.


Thanks for the update @Danjel. Really looking forward to it!


Vintage King has some currently in stock: 104HP 7U



I ordered another 20 of each (black and silver) on 5/22 for Vintage King and am hoping for an ETA soon. These have been very difficult to keep in stock, but I’ll update here when we have them in again.


Hi – will you be getting the gig bags for these as well?


Yes, they’ll be coming in on the 7U case order. I’ll post here when I get an ETA


I have an available 7U Silver plus gig bag if anyone is interested.


I’ll take it if it’s the 104hp and it’s still available!


Vintage King should have black and silver 104HP’s in stock Thursday or Friday.


Hi everyone,

Does anyone knows how thick is the aluminium on this case?


Hmm… One thing tho. Got my case for about a month now. Been using it only at my home studio and I already lost this plastic cap like 500 times.


Mine didn’t even come with them :confused:


Hey @danield & @illiac,

Please e-mail support@intellijel.com and we’ll provide some podiatry for your foot issues!


Thanks, @ScottMFR. Emailed support 10 days ago, but never heard back. I’ll try again now, though


Strange, I see the correspondence with Vintage King on your behalf, but nothing from you directly. Maybe it somehow didn’t go through?


Hi there,

after months of waiting after haveing ordered, my two 7U 104P cases arrived saturday.
The only complaint from my side:
The edges of the lid are super sharp, a production issue?
On both the lids btw. - and i have cut myself into my thump accidentally, luckily not seriously.
Maybe check on some smoothing of the edges before delivering,

Yours sincerly, Edgar from Germany.