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7U 104hp Performance Case Update


You could buy direct from us if you like. Our DHL rate is super low for international stuff.


No problem. Have just ordered from Signal Sounds, now in stock on their site. :+1:


After checking the intellijel store price (canadian dollars right?) and postage import taxes its no cheaper than the UK and there is a risk of it being more.

1-How much is DHL shipping to the uk? around $100
2-I’m still a bit wary of the horrific UK import duty charge I might get stung with. Is this figured into DHL costs somehow? its likely to be around $100 or more in VAT at @20% and 3.5% import duty.
3-are these sold with switching power supplies that will work on 240v?

I really want to buy one of the 7u 104p performance cases but i need to source it from in the UK.


I’ll be waiting until signal sounds or juno have them in store myself.


Cashman, re: Canadian $ on site:


Any update on the softcases? Considering getting one of these but i would want to order both at the same time

Also, any dealers recieving both items?



They are currently on a boat heading to the US from Asia. We will be getting them at our office early September.


Is there a way that I can get a carrying strap for the 104 HP case?


We have discontinued the straps because we found they were breaking too easily. They metal edges of the connector were too sharp and would eventually fray the strap.
Also it has been a huge hassle to find people to do the sewing for them.

Instead of straps we will soon be offering full soft cases (with straps). They are set to arrive mid September.

We do have some remaining stock of straps but we recommend filing or taping the edges where they come in contact with the webbing. So if you do want one still please send a message to support@intellijel.com and we can make arrangements.


When will these cases be shipped to US retailers?


After a bit of a hiccup when loading my modules into my new case (don’t rush things people!) I’m loving this new 7u/104hp case. Signal sounds was the way to go in the UK.

The build on this case is really excellent. Great job as usual intellijel.


Thanks for the info. I’ll wait and see what the soft cases are like.


Are the 104hp 7u cases going to be available exclusively through your website or will they ship to US retailers as well? I like to support my local modular shop when I can. It has been about a month and they have not shown up anywhere…? Looking forward to rocking this case!!!


(about the 7U softcases)

Any news about when these should be available ?


And also any news on the 104 7U spacers?


What are the 7U spacers?


http://www.asimovonline.com/oldsite/spacers_rise_and_fall.html :joy:


I was under the impression there was a plan to provide for a way to close two cases together, joined by a spacer that connects the two, as some of the other case mfr do.


We presently have no plans for this.


Are these cases available without the power supply and bus board?