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1U Zeroscope arrived today!


I love it so much it’s stupid.


Just ordered one! Can’t wait!


Mine came today too. It’s a blast to play with, and will be handy to have.


Ha! It’s out of stock now – glad I ordered one when I did!


Yeah, the first batch sold out surprisingly fast!


Have any of these been shipped out to US retailers? The ones I’ve seen are all still marked as preorder/coming soon but not a single person has been able to give me an ETA.


are we hoping for the second batch in the near future?


There will definitely be more, not sure about the timeline though


This thing is seriously super useful, I love it.


question: is there a way now (or perhaps in a future fw update) to have the screen time-out/ go to sleep if nothing is plugged into the module for x amount of time or something?


ha! i was just thinking this today as well walking by my system and seeing all the screens off but that one.