1U Steppy and UMidi stock

Hey Guys
Do you know when The 1U Steppy and 1Umidi coming back into stock


I’ll have to check on the status of Steppy 1U, but uMIDI 1U is about to be discontinued and replaced by a new 14HP MIDI 1U module with an optional 14HP expander. There should be more details on this coming soon.


Thanks Scott

How now is soon :wink:



Exciting! Love to see the details!

Can I assume the same for the Metropolis?

There’s a batch of Metropolis being assembled right now, so they should start shipping to dealers this week or next.

A 1u MIDI with different modes for different combinations of jack outputs would be SWEET hopes

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Is there hope for multiple channels on the new midi module?

Any update on the 1U Steppy restock?

There is a batch going through testing and assembly right now. They should be shipping to dealers within the next few weeks!

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Hi! Any updates on the release date of umidi 1u ?

Are we gonna see the new MIDI 1U at dealers at around the same time?

At the same time as Steppy 1U? It’s hard to say, but there’s a few dealers showing stock of MIDI 1U now: https://wigglehunt.com/?query=intellijel+midi+1u&condition=&stock_status=in_&price_min=0&price_max=5000&currency_code=150&sort=price
And some with Steppy 1U: https://wigglehunt.com/?query=intellijel+steppy+1u&condition=&stock_status=in_&price_min=0&price_max=5000&currency_code=150&sort=price

Any update on those Steppy 1Us arriving at American dealers?

They probably would have arrived by now, so they may have been allocated to satisfy pre-orders or they may still be going through distribution.

Still waiting on those 1U Steppys! Any update? They’re still out of stock EVERYWHERE!

Same… I guess they weren’t on the same boat as those 104hp palettes :sob:

I found a stray! Nightlife Electronics had it in stock, I felt like I was covered in grease with the speed with which I placed my order. You could try ordering from there, think they’re still stocked.