1U modules wishlist

What does your FH-2 usually do these days then?

@Terrarium: I split this off into a discussion about µMIDI and other MIDI-CV modules, and responded there:

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I’d like a small basic clock generator. Need one to run Steppy, and the only option I’ve found in 1U is Noise Tools, which takes up a lot of space.

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Yeah, I think a basic clock generator would be a great addition to the lineup. If it was combined with a clock divider/multiplier, or even if they were small separate product that would be really cool.

Shakmat put out a little divider module in 1U, but it would have been so much more useful if it could generate clock on its own: http://www.shakmatmodular.com/products/ta.html


1u midi to cv module please…Can’t find one anywhere, trying for months. Does this count as a wishlist item?

See this thread: :slight_smile:

Two 1u I would love to see happen:

  1. A bipolar version of the dual VCA. For ring modulation, cv mixing, etc.
  2. Stand alone slew tile. Possibly with separate rise and fall response controls, but one knob would be ok too. Would be happy either way.

I would put multiple of each in my case.

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Bipolar dual VCA would rock. Would it make sense to make it a bit wider and add knobs to control the offset (w/ uni/bipolar switches a’la Quadratt)?



I personally don’t think attenuverters would be necessary. If you need them, just use a duatt or quadratt in conjunction where needed in the patch. Minimize hp and leave the signal flow open. But either way it would be a wonderful utility option that currently isn’t offered in this format.

Repost, remind & redesign… was thinking whether cv input necessary but thought this could be pure performance oriented fader :slight_smile:


Nice design! I can see that being useful and a lot of fun. Personally I think it would be worth making it a bit wider to include a CV input and attenuverter. I pondered a crossfader curve control and CV input, but I think a rear trimmer would be sufficient.

with CV input, attenuverter… and may be CV reference output : -5v (fader full to the left) to +5v (fader full to the right) and its inverted output to control other stuff :wink:

its 30HP now


Oh yeah the REF position output is a good idea! An alternative to the INV output could be a SENSE output similar to Planar where a gate is output while movement is detected.

Also, I think the Intellijel standard layout would position the attenuverter above the input rather than below.


Make that a bit smaller and I’ll put that in my case faster than you can say “I’m gonna buy that and stick it in my case.”

Stereo crossfader would be amazing. Love the design and additional outputs.

I would really like to see the first version.
Maybe 24 or 26 hp wide.
30 hp is too wide for my cases, at least now.

Out of curiosity, is that the actual measured size of the slider? As in, you used a specific part as a size reference when doing the mock-up? Or was it more a case of “this is about how big I think the slider should be”?

Absolutely a clock generator! A basic divider would be nice unless it meant greatly increased hp. A separate divider would be cool too though. I have to say that I am kind of partial to having a BPM indicator if possible.

1U Clock Divider/Multiplier with tap tempo/mode button (generates clock - maybe two buttons on it - one for tap tempo - one for stop/start/mode via holding button). 1 input, 5 outs.

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A sideways Dixie II+ would rock my pants off.